Cheapest Shipping Methods and Best Price for Japanese Magazines

Now you can choose Air Mail from coolJAPANstore.

coolJAPANstore has released air mail shipping option. On March 19th.

It will be available for all the items on the site, such as Japanese Visual-Kei and Idol magazines, delivered right after their release dates, and difficult to obtain official Japanese artists goods & promotional items.

By choosing Airmail, users can save as much as 44 % compared to EMS shipping. coolJAPANstore offers the best price for SHOXX, ROCK STAR, ARENA37ºC and other magazines.

For details, see shipping calculating below and visit coolJAPANstore (


Cost for sending a magazine


2,260 YEN by EMS-> 1,630 YEN by Airmail = 630 YEN difference.

To Europe

2,600YEN by EMS-> 1,630YEN by Airmail = 970 YEN difference.

To Asia

1,780 YEN by EMS-> 1,360 YEN by Airmail = 420 YEN difference.

Sending Gothloli Gorgeous set


1,600 YEN by EMS-> 1,070 YEN by Airmail = 530 YEN difference.

To Europe

1,900YEN by EMS-> 1,070YEN by Airmail = 830 YEN difference.

To Asia

1,300 YEN by EMS-> 910 YEN by Airmail = 390 YEN difference.

About coolJAPAN inc.

coolJAPAN inc. is a leading company in managing Japanese pop culture web site focused on music in multiple languages and E-commerce site specializing in artist goods, CD, DVD, apparel, magazines. coolJAPAN inc. also deals with arrangement and booking for Japanese artist to Japanese exhibitions held overseas, and management service of web site overseas as well.

About musicJAPANplus

musicJAPANplus is one of the largest comprehensive J-contents media in Japan, providing official Japanese pop culture in multiple languages.

musicJAPANplus is offering information on “Coolness and Kawaii of Japan” with the concept that “make oversea readers enjoy discovery and communication under the theme of Japan”.

Started from the focus on music, musicJAPANplus has expanded into offering information on fashion, anime, manga and various genres. It also features exclusive contents range from interviews, reports, collaborations with Japanese brands, reader participation plans to artists' columns.It can be viewed in 16 languages and accessed from more than 170 countries.

About coolJAPANstore

coolJAPANstore is an online store providing Japanese artist gear at reasonable prices in multiple languages and currencies. Also, as an official promoter you can find artist items only available at coolJAPANstore. From CD / DVD, magazines, sundries to apparel, a variety of “Made in JAPAN” items are selected to deliver world wide based on the concept Japanese Kawaii and cool. Our native staff will assist your shopping in English, German and Chinese.

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