Rising Visual-Kei Band ViViD to Air Live Program (USTREAM on musicJAPANplus)

Popular Visual-Kei band ViViD will be taking part in their live program “ViViD TV” on musicJAPANplus from on June 27th at 7am (JST), viewable for fans from all over the world in celebration of their first overseas performance at JAPAN EXPO 2010 in France.

Break through Visual-kei band “ViViD”, who will be performing at JAPAN EXPO 2010 announced that they will be airing their live program “ViViD TV” via USTREAM on musicJAPANplus on June 27th from 7am (Japanese Standard Time).

ViViD is a Visual-Kei band consisting of the five members Shin(Vo), Reno(Gu), Ryoga(Gu), Iv(B) and Ko-ki(Dr). Having formed in April 2009, they have shaken the Visual-Kei scene with their wide range of sound, making their name well known and rapidly expanding their popularity.
The band will be appearing in their live program “ViViD TV” directed at a worldwide audience. This program can be viewed via the Japanese promotion site “musicJAPANplus”, which portrays the appeal of Japanese pop-culture with a focus on Japanese music information to an international readership. musicJAPANplus is part of coolJAPAN inc.

The program will feature a variety of contents including an interview, and is meant to celebrate ViViD's very first performance at JAPAN EXPO 2010 in France. Moreover, unseen video footage will be broadcasted worldwide for the first time.

Program Name: ViViD TV
Airing date:
June 27th (Sun) 7:00am (JST)
[June 26th (Sat) 3:00pm (Los Angeles),
June 26th (Sat) 6:00pm (New York) ,
June 26th (Sat) 11:00pm (London) ,
June 27th (Sun) 02:00am (Moscow)]
Airing place: musicJAPANplus top page

ViViD Official Site:http://www.indie-psc.com/vivid/
ViViD Official MySpace:http://jp.myspace.com/vividjp

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