MangaGamer Announces Kuribayashi Minami for AX

June 18, 2010 - MangaGamer is pleased to announce another guest for Anime Expo!

This year, we're proud to announce that Kuribayashi Minami will be joining us alongside Age!

Kuribayashi Minami is a voice actor, known best for her roles of Suzumiya Haruka in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts), and Erstin Ho in Mai-Otome, but she's also a popular vocalist in her own right. Some of her more well known works include the themes for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts), Mai-HiMe, Kurokami, School Days, Blassreiter, Chrono Cursade, and more.

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that she will be performing live at our booth during Anime Expo!

AnimeExpo 2010
July 1-4, 2010
Los Angeles Convention Center
Booth # 811/813/815/910-915/1010/1012/1014

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