Club 2 The Max Announces Even More Fun For Attendees With The Official Convention Arcade

Arcade Game Enthusiasts Rejoice as Club 2 the MAX Brings Some of the Hottest Games
to their Convention July 1-3, 2011 in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 10, 2010) –Club 2 the MAX (July 1-3, 2011; Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center), the Summer of 2011' s hottest convention event where there is no general attendance purchase requirement and the public is encouraged to attend for FREE, proudly announces their Official 24 Hour Arcade for 2011. More info to come at

The Club 2 the MAX Official 24 Hour Arcade will be open 24 HOURS and will be located at the Sheraton Hotel in Anaheim on the Anaheim Convention Center Campus. Attendees will be able to access the official arcade beginning the day prior to the official convention date, June 30, 2011.

Some of the arcade game titles appearing at Club 2 the MAX include, but not limited too (as newer titles that will be released up to the event date):

  • Dance Dance Revolution

  • Drum Mania

  • Guitar Freaks

  • Street Fighter 4

  • Barber Cut

  • Stacker

  • Blaze Blue

  • Marvel vs Capcom 2

  • Capcom vs SNK 2

  • Air Hockey

  • Chocolate Factory

  • Street Fighter 3rd Strike

  • Time Crisis

  • Maximum Tune

  • Crane for Plush

  • King of Fighters

  • Guilty Gear

  • Metal Slug

  • Puzzle Fighter

There will also be additional crane games that players can win not only plushies, DVD' s, Pocky and Ramune but also brand new Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 or even X-Box 360 game systems.

“ We at Club 2 the MAX” , states Chase Wang of Club 2 the MAX, “ want all our attendees to enjoy themselves to the fullest during their time with us in July 2011 and we know that our attendees will have tons of fun at our 24 Hour Official Arcade which will have not just some all time favorite games but some of the newest titles that will be released earlier in the year as well. Come join the family and have one of the best times of your life!”

About MAX
Located in Anaheim, California – Club 2 the MAX, established in 2010, is a multi-day (3 days) 24 hour event with no general attendance/badge purchase requirement and is aspiring to be a key meeting place for fans that share a common interest in Asian music, Animation, and Comics. Nominal fees are charged for certain activities that attendees choose to participate in. Club 2 the MAX 2011 will be held on July 1-3, 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny Anaheim, California. More information can be found at

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