New Japanese Action Figure Assemble Borg

Massive hit products from Akihabara, the Mecca of Japanese culture, are now in America

The Assemble Borg are cyberspace action figures built with unparalleled Japanese toy technology. Download our free iPad app to see our character catalogue today!

Tokyo-based IDA, Inc. (International Digital Artist), headed by CEO Junya Okabe, announced the start of sales of Assemble Borg character toys from the Revoltech action figure series, which were enormously successful in the Akihabara culture, and revealed the free Assemble Borg Guidebook on iTunes (Sales Agent: Character Tank, Inc.)

The Assemble Borg series was designed by famed Trigun manga author Yasuhiro Nightow and they are a new style of toy from Kaiyodo, one of Japanese premier brands.

Unlimited Reassembly x Super Action Figures!

You can interchange all heads, arms, legs, torsos, equipment and weapons of all the characters. Not only is Assemble Borg a new action figure concept, the figures also have the unique functionality of toy building blocks.

Four Big Concepts of Assemble Borg!

1: A completely original world created by TOYTRIBE and KAIYODO

2: Ultimate action poses enabled by Revolver Joints

3: Infinite play value from reassembling parts like toy blocks

4: Exclusive online availability through Amazon in the US

Full sales launch on December 27, 2010, the culmination of test marketing that began in mid-December.

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