MangaGamer Announces We Love Master!

April 20th, 2011 - We at MangaGamer are proud to announce We Love Master, set for release this Spring!

Who can say no to having three or four maids at your beck and call? Certainly not us!

As head of the Yuuki corporation, you have only mere months left to wed a girl or lose control of not just the company, but your entire inheritance! So what's a rich man to do? Buy three girls away from their families, and turn them both into proper proper maids as well as the women of your dreams, ready to fulfill each and every one of your sexual cravings!

Choose between the tsundere Sakura, the quiet Kuu, or Hime, the daughter of the Shishouin corporation which you crushed into financial oblivion. Or perhaps just leave them all behind and stick to what you know best: your half-sister, the lovely, busty head maid Ema! Or better yet, why not just make them all your mistresses?

If you liked He Is My Master or have a strong sense of Maidar, then you're sure to love having four maids serving you morning, noon, and night in We Love Master!

Our protagonist is Yuuki Toshiya, a wealthy student. Gifted with good looks, excellent grades, and a kind demeanor, he is viewed as something of a white knight among the girls of his class - but that's only a front he puts up to the rest of the world...

The real Yuuki Toshiya is a perverted sex maniac: an insatiable lover of blow-jobs with both sadistic and masochistic sentiments, not to mention a cosplay fetish!

Three girls, Sakura, Kuu, and Hime, are forced to learn about this side of him. After Toshiya blackmails them into becoming his maids, they begin a daily regimen of sexual training!

When the girls learn about his audacious plan, they're furious.
"I'm not a pervert! I'm a super-pervert!"
And with that...
The days of conflict begin--between the girls made to serve their pervert master and the master training them to satisfy his sexual cravings!

Title: We Love Master!
Manufacturer: SCORE
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Price: €24.95
OS: Windows XP(32bit), Windows Vista(32bit)
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese, Female Voice Only
Age Rating: 18+ (Adults Only)
Release Date: Q2

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