MangaGamer Announces Three Companies Attending Anime Expo

May 27th, 2011--We at MangaGamer are proud to announce three of the companies who will be joining us this year at Anime Expo!

Returning for a third triumphant year, MangaGamer will once again be joined by several of our Japanese partners visiting together with their representatives and artists! At this time, we can announce the following guests who will be returning to join us once again this year:

Our regular customers will know Circus for their work in creating as well as helping us to bring the Da Capo series and Suika out in English for western fans already. They've also made many games like Valkyrie Complex, Eternal Fantasy, and are currently working on new incarnations of both Da Capo and Suika. Last year, they brought the announcement of Da Capo 2 for the west, but what news will we be hearing from them this year?

This year we'll also be seeing Nexton joining our booth once again! Nexton is the name of the umbrella company in charge of several familiar brands for Visual Novel fans: BaseSon, Tactics, Score, Liquid, Portion, Nomad, Lusterise, and their newest brand, Galactica! They've already worked with us to bring great games like Koihime Musou, Guilty, We Love Master, and many more to the west. Perhaps some information about what they've got in-progress from them will finally be unveiled at this year's AX!

And of course, it wouldn't be Anime Expo without a visit from OVERDRIVE! With Edelweiss, Kira Kira, and their respective fan discs released, only two remain unavailable to the West: the previously announced DEARDROPS, which is currently in translation, and Dengeki Stryker, a game which hasn't even been released in Japan yet, plus Go Go Japan, OVERDRIVE's upcoming release specifically for the Western market. What exciting news could they be bringing us this year?

We will be announcing the guests joining us for the first time this year, as well as details regarding which representatives and artists will be joining us at a later date.

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