Superfly's Free Concert Live on Ustream June 15

Special Free Live on June 15th @Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Live broadcasting on Ustream!!
Official Hashtag : #superfly615

「Mind Travel」
1st and best!2nd and revolution!!3rd and deepening!!!
1st “Superfly”, 2nd “Box Emotions” and now long-awaited 3rd album will be released
on June 15th!!

Her debut single “Hello Hello” was released in 2007. And her first album “Superfly” in 2008 and 2nd album “Box Emotions” in 2009 and both became No. 1 on Oricon chart. In 2009, Superfly had performed with Big Brothers & The Holding Company as a guest vocalist at Woodstock's 40th anniversary festival “Heros of Woodstock” for the very first time for Japanese musician ever.
In 2010, she had an amazing performance at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL on the main stage; GREEN STAGE.

Superfly's long-waited 3rd album “Mind Travel” is going to be released on June 15th, 2011!!
And very special free live show will be held on that day (June 15th ) from PM8:00 JPN time at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and her exciting performance will be broadcasted on live on internet worldwide through USTREAM !
You can access to this special live show though either Ustream or special internet site “Superfly TV” to cerebrate launching of Superfly's 3rd album “Mind Travel”. You can watch previous free lives on launching 1st and 2nd albums and music videos on the program “Mind Travel COUNTDOWN! Of “Superfly TV” form June 8th to 14th, 2011.
*1st program will be on at PM8:00 JPN time on June 8th.

For more details about this online live broadcasting, please check the special site “Superfly TV” on launching Superfly's 3rd album “Mind Travel”.

In addition, Superfly is going to have nationwide tour “Mind Traveler” (35shows at 32 cities) in Japan starting from June 25th.
For more details, please check Superfly's official web site!!

【Superfly Free Live Info】
【”Mind Travel” launching special show】
DATE :June 15th , 2011 (Wed)
Door opens 19:00 (JPN time)
Show starts 20:00 (JPN time)
Show ends 21:00 (remain go on rain, but no go on heavy rain)
Venue : in front of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

【USTREAM Live Streaming Info】
◆ Ustream broadcasting on live

【online / high quality distribution】
Hashtag : #superfly615
◆ Show starting time:
US NY 7:00AM on June 15th
LA 4:00AM on June 15th
UK London 12:00Noon on June 15h
DE Berlin 1:00PM on June 15th
FR Paris 1:00PM on June 15th
Hong Kong 7:00PM on June 15th
KR Seoul 8:00PM on June 15th

◆ Special site on launching 3rd album “Mind Travel”
“Superfly TV”

【Release information】

1st and best!2nd and revolution!!3rd and deepening!!!
3rd Album “Mind Travel“

1st Album “Superfly”, 2nd album “Box Emotions” and finally 3rd album is about to come!
Disc1(CD) has 14 songs in total including 7 major tie in songs.
Music videos of 10 songs including exclusive song will be in Disc 2 (DVD) for special limited edition.!!

■Special limited edition(CD+DVD) * digital pack specification WPZL-30278/79 ¥3.800 (tax included)
■Regular edition(CD) WPCL-10952 ¥3,150 (taxi included)

【Superfly Profile】

Superfly was established in 2004 in college lead by the vocalist Shiho Ochi.
In 2007, the first debut single “Hello Hello” was released.
Followed by a couple of single releases, the first album “Superfly” was released in 2008 and became No.1 on Oricon chart two weeks in a row ! In 2009, 2nd album “Box Emotions“ was released and became No 1on that chart again! And it has sold over 700k units became huge hit! She also had a great show at Budokan in that year.
In 2010, Superfly had performed at FUJI ROCK FESITVAL on the main stage, Green Stage and her exciting performance had attract entire audience. Her 10th single “Wildflower” was released with additional CD of English cover songs and became No.1 again on Oricon chart. (*this 10th single was considered as album in that chart.)
On June 15th, 2011, her 3rd album will be released after 1 year and 9 months silence and she will go on nationwide tour in Japan! Superfly is the only one band who keeps challenging in J-POP music scene with their the only sound. Her mind-blowing vocal and impressive live performance and their unique music with originality keep attracting people and your can't keep your eyes and years out from her!

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