Introduction to NYT GO: GIRLS! Tokyo Fashion Adventure for Urban Girls

Aug 30 to Sep 05
$1,800 Air + Hotel + Tokyo Girls Collection

NYT GO is NYT's new project to promote a global lifestyle following the "Design your trip" approach. NYT GO: GIRLS! is the 3rd installment of the NYT GO series. It's Tokyo Fashion Adventure for girls, allowing them to *see* trends and *shop* fashion there. With a smart itinerary, NYT GO: GIRLS! is an affordable and almighty trip for busy urban young females.

$1,600 (NOT $1,800) UNTIL JUN 29.

Fashion Show:
Attend the world's largest girls fashion show - the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC).
(Tour covers TGC admission, advance ticket purchase)
Check out exciting brands at popular department stores and other retail stores. Explore various shopping hubs: Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi, Shinjuku, etc.
Tokyo Life:
Experience Tokyo city life, food, drinks, and nightlife. Tour stays at a hotel in Shibuya, the mecca of Tokyo youth culture .
Enjoy special participant privileges from our supporters, such as Shibuya 109 shopping coupons.
Time saving flights:
AA's JFK<-> Haneda service gives us less vacation time from work/school in NY and land transportation in Tokyo. It simply works perfect with urban youth lifestyle.
(option to extension)
Day 1: Aug 30 (Tue)
Departing NY at 7:10 PM
Day 2: Aug 31 (Wed)
Arriving Tokyo at 10:15 PM
Transport from airport to hotel
Stay at hotel in Shibuya
Day 3: Sep 01 (Thu)
Shibuya 109
Stay at hotel in Shibuya
Day 4: Sep 02 (Fri)
Individual Activities
Staying at hotel in Shibuya
Day 5: Sep 03 (Sat)
Tokyo Girls Collection
Staying at hotel in Shibuya
Day 6: Sep 04 (Sun)
Individual Activities
Stay up at the club
Day 7: Sep 05 (Mon) Labor Day Holiday
Leaving Tokyo at 6:40 AM
Arriving NY at 6:20 AM

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