Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Releases in North America with a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack in February 2012!

Santa Ana, CA (November 4, 2011) – NIS America proudly announced today that Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Premium Edition, which contains all of season 2, will be released on February 7, 2012. The second season sports even crazier, more hilarious characters and events under the bridge. Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Premium Edition will be packaged with 13 episodes on 2 Blu-ray discs and 2 DVDs, along with a hardcover art book in a collectible sturdy slip case. Available at select online retailers: Right Stuf, The Anime Corner Store, Anime Pavilion, Anime Castle, and NIS America's Online Store.

About Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge:
Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder by the banks of the mighty Arakawa, they go ahead and get weirder by a whole lot. Rec, Nino, and the rest of the riverside residents return, and with the addition of another batch of nutty citizens the insanity gets turns up to eleven...thousand. Now Rec has to deal with a sci-fi loving comic nerd who's convinced he's a captain in the Earth Defense Force, and the less said about the Amazon woman living upstream with her demonic "female" Amazon followers, the better. On top of that, Rec struggles with the pressing issues of romantic expression, media obsession, weight loss, weight gain, beach parties, haunted houses, interplanetary travel, and the ever-present threat of global thermonuclear war!

TITLE: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Premium Edition
MSRP: $69.99
RELEASE DATE: February 7, 2012
UPC: 813633011653
LENGTH: Approx. 316 mins/13 eps on 2 Blu-rays and 2 DVDs
FORMAT: Japanese audio, English subtitles

About bonuses - art book and bonus commentary tracks:
Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Premium Edition comes with a hardcover art book (full-color, 30+ pages), featuring character information, episode guides, artwork, and interviews with cast and production staff.
The bonus tracks include commentary from various voice actresses/actors and even the original author, Hikaru Nakamura. These tracks will let you take a peek behind the scenes - it's a very intimate way to learn how the cast thinks and feels about the characters and events! Also, TV spots and an End Card gallery are included. Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge also includes 2 DVDs and 2 Blu-ray discs for maximum viewing pleasure. (Subtitles on Blu-ray cannot be turned off.)

Voice actresses and actors
Hiroshi Kamiya as Ko Ichinomiya (Rec) (WAGNARIA!!, Blue Exorcist, Durarara!!, Angel Beats!)
Maaya Sakamoto as Nino (Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Black Butler, CANAAN) Miyuki Sawashiro as Maria (kimi ni todoke -From Me to You-, PERSONA -trinity soul-, High School of the Dead, Maria Holic)

Production staff
Akiyuki Shinbo: Director SHAFT: Animation Production Mr. Shinbo and SHAFT have worked together to create several distinguished anime series, such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Bakemonogatari, Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, and Dance in the Vampire Bund.

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About NIS America
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