London Gaming Con Bringing Fans Together, December 3rd to 4th

London Gaming Con is fast approaching this 3-4 December! You still have until this Monday 28 November to register and pre-pay for discount entry. Register at

Even if you miss that deadline, the event will still take on-the-day payments at £10 per day (or just £5 if you come after 6pm – excellent if you want to come just for the parties!). So all the more reason to drag along your friends who did not bother to pre-pay (Yay!)

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Why should you come along on Saturday? You can see everything happening at but here's the top ten reasons!

#1 - brentalfloss: Flying in from the USA, brentalfloss is a comedian, musician, and gamer. He first gained notoriety when he added lyrics to the title theme from Mega Man 3 and created the "With Lyrics" series on Youtube. He has since become a feature on He shall be performing live on both days as well as doing a Q&A. Check him out at

#2 - TGWTG UK Q&A: If you are a viewer of the website, then this will be for you! Pretty much their entire UK contengent shall be hosting this panel including Harry Partridge, MasakoX, Guru Larry, Ashens, Film Brain, Benzaie, MikeJ and more!

#3 - Last Man Standing: ITSMYYARD and Guru Larry will be doing a Live-Action version of their Video Game Gameshow. Come along and become a contestant! They choose a video game category. Right answers mean you stay alive, but incorrect answers or copying an answer already said means you DIE (this may or may not involve big whipped cream pie plates!)

#4 - CoLD Storage: A live performance from Tim Wright who has composed themes for over 60 games spanning 20 years, including; Shadow of the Beast II & III, Lemmings, Wipeout, Formula One, WipEout 2097, Gravity Crash, Project Velocity & many more on the Amiga, Atari ST, Sega Megadrive, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 and PC! Check his website out at

#5 - OC Remix: Join OCReMix for a panel and presentation with ReMixers Fishy, PROTO•DOME, Rexy and WillRock. There will also be a quiz, a Q&A session and live performances! Based at they release thousands of remixed gaming tracks. They are known for providing the first ever fan-made soundtrack for Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

#6 - Pub Quiz: Various questions on both gaming and other more general subjects over 5 rounds! Get some friends together, make your own team and join in the fun! We guarantee a good time and much randomness!

#7 - Benzaie: Best known for his contributions toward TGWTG and was one of their early-additions with his main-characters Beary and Master Bate. How shows include Games You Might Don't Know, Game Soundtracks You Might Don't Know, FAQ YOU, 5 Second Games and Benzaie's TOP 5 (random subjects).

#8 - Ashens: A special Q&A from Stuart Ashen, who is a YouTube comedian from the UK. He is well known for his comedy videos and reviews on gadgets, technology and games. You can find him on his website at and youtube at

#9 - Nintendisco: The UK's #1 gaming clubnight, Nintendisco shall be rolling into London Gaming Con to host the Saturday-Night Party with all your favourite gaming tunes. They will also have a wider selection of more general tunes. Check them out at

#10 - Bass Invaders Rave: Get those glowsticks and UV facepaint out as we get ready for the Saturday Night Rave going on till 1am! Make sure to stick around for this as it WILL be epic!


Why should you come along on Sunday? You can see everything happening at but here's the top ten reasons!

#1 - Area 11: Area 11 combine Western rock guitar traditions with Eastern culture to establish a new genre - Gaijin Rock! With a powerful and dramatic stage show, Area 11 are not to be missed! Check them out at!

#2 - Super-Sonic-Sunday: The UK Sonic community, including,, and shall be coming together at London Gaming Con to put on a series of events and parties for new and old Sonic-fans alike to enjoy! Includes Sonic Blindfolded, Sonic Pub Quiz (Afternoon), a Sonic Party, ClubSEGA, Speed-Runs & More!

#3 - Ultimate Gaming Championships: With a massive £100 cash prize, do you have what it takes to be crowned the Ultimate Gaming Champion of 2011? Every tournament on Saturday provides you with points depending on where you are placed. The top 4 then qualify for the finals on Sunday!

#4 - Whose Game is it Anyway?: With special guest host brentalfloss, this is based on the popular tv series. Rounds shall include genres, scenes, props and dubbing that gaming music. Come along and signup!

#5 - Revolution: NthGen and Neo Empire shall be attending to run Revolution! A series of fighting game tournaments with massive prize-pools at stake! Saturday are the qualifiers, with Sunday the finals! Games shall include King Of Fighters XIII, Arcana Heart 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blazblue and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade.

#6 - Youtube Q&A: Guru Larry, Wezi82, Ian Higton and various other youtube guests come together for a youtubers Q&A! Come ask your favourite youtubers questions about their show and what they are up to.

#7 - Sonic v Mario Showdown: Who wins? YOU help decide! The two sides square off as we determine once and for all who is the ultimate gaming mascot of the 90s (and perhaps modern-day?). Winning side shall be determined by audience participation, so come along and show your support!

#8 - The Remix Zone!: We play all of your favourite video game tunes remixed and made awesome! Make sure to come along, grab a drink and chillout to some of the best remixes across the internet!

#9 - Zonic Live: Zonic shall be returning to us to give a live-performance of her latest music, some of it based on retro video-gaming, such as the Sonic and Lemmings games. She shall be performing on both days. Read more at

#10 - Karaoke: With over ten thousand karaoke tracks, and a wide range from the classic UK hits through to gaming music through to japanese music, fun times are guaranteed. Come along, grab some drinks and sing your heart out! On both nights till late!

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