Otaku America Searches for Cosplayers for New Documentary

Get A Chance to Share Your Love of Cosplay

Heads up for any cosplayers and convention goers that have a desire to share your love of costuming with the public. Otaku America is looking for participants who want a chance to shine and strut their stuff in a feature length film all about anime, science fiction, gaming, costuming, and conventions titled Glomp Me!:The Cosplay Documentary Project.

To make this documentary the best it can be the production team is looking for cosplayers and anime fans from around the United States. They would like to hear from people of different backgrounds and find out what makes people from so many different ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and belief systems come together at all sorts of conventions and fandom events.If you would like to be a part of the documentary please email [email protected] or like Glomp Me! on Facebook to see what conventions they're filiming at next.

In the last few decades the "nerd subculture" has been slowly becoming part of the mainstream. Unlike twenty years ago you can now ask a random person on the street if they'd heard of anime or cosplay and a majority of them will say yes. However there are still tons of misconceptions about science fiction, anime, and fantasy fans in general(how many geeks have heard the old "you still live in your mom's basement" joke?). That's where this documentary comes in. It's Otaku America's goal to have this movie reach not only anime, gaming, and sci-fi fans, but to make sure it's accessible to everyone, even if they think Star Wars is what college kids go through when studying for an Astronomy exam.

The film is set to premiere July 2012. It will be avaliable on DVD and download through Otaku America in Fall of 2012.

About Otaku America: As a website by nerds, for nerds Otaku America is a social network formatted for geeks of every type. On the website you can create a profile, talk on the forums, make a personal member blog, and create info pages in the Wiki section all for free (www.otakuamerica.spruz.com). They have also funded/sponsored the upcoming convention Otaku GloboCon along with Glomp Me!:The Documentary.

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