Namco Bandai Launch ‘Your Tales of’, a Community Inspired Project to Reward Fan Creativity

The Tales of community are amongst the most passionate and creative gaming communities in the world and here at Namco Bandai, we thought it was high time we recognised their passion. Namco Bandai is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Your Tales of’, a community inspired project designed not only to showcase the community's creative talents but also give them a place to discuss their obsession and share their enthusiasm for the series.

From 30th May, we will be inviting fans to submit their most creative Tales of work via the ‘Your Tales of’ forums at" This can be anything from fan-fiction, art, video, music, cosplays, whatever, provided it's Tales of related. The best entries will be included in a 16 page, limited edition ‘Your Tales of’ booklet which will come free with NEO Magazine's issue 101, on-sale August 9th in the UK and will feature a foreword from iconic Tales of series producer, Hideo Baba from NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc. All entries will be hosted on the ‘Your Tales of’ forums for all to see.

'Tales of Graces f is set to launch in the UK in August 2012 and the storyline features a heavy focus on teamwork and friendship,' said Hollie Bennett, Community and Consumer PR Executive at Namco Bandai UK, 'we realise a similar vibe exists in our Tales of community as they constantly work together to tell others how great Tales of games are. It's through this commendable sense of community that ‘Your Tales of’ was born. We want to reward the fans for their loyalty and give them a voice.'

‘Your Tales of’ launches in the UK on 30th May and fans are invited to get involved via the official twitter feed,, or via the project forums at your-tales-of For more news and information regarding the Tales of series, log on to

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