Avex Star Search Audition in Los Angeles

The Japanese music company avex of Japan is holding auditions for entertainers in Los Angeles to perform in Japan, Asia, and the entire world!

This time, we are looking for different types of entertainers like singers, rappers, models, actors, and entertainers.

If you are successful in the audition, you will get chances to debut in major record labels, professional backup debuts, be backup dancers, perform in musical pieces, or be in magazine spreads.

○Application Period:
From June 11th 2012 at 12 midnight until June 24th at 11:59 PM *pacific daylight saving time

○Way to Apply: Only online applications are accepted.
(Mail applications will NOT be accepted)
Application Webite : http://avex-audition.jp/
※The application website will not be online and will not accept applications until 12 midnight on June 11th.
※You may apply by pressing the "entry button" on the lower part of the avex Official Website.

○Caution for File Uploads and the Application:
Upload one whole body photo and one picture above the chest where the face can be clearly seen.

○Music should be uploaded in one of the following formats:
mp3, m4a, aiff, aif, wav, wma
※Uploading music is not necessary, so if you only have a photo that is fine.

○Any Nationality / Age / Sex / Visa Status is OK.

※Since the application and audition are both performed in Japanese, the ability to understand Japanese is required.
(If the applicant is under 20 years of age, a guardians consent will be required.)

※After the first audition(application screening), you must be able to do a performance given at a certain place in the Hollywood- Los Angeles area on Sunday, July 1st 2012. *pacific daylight saving time
If you have any other questions on details or the application procedure, please check our website at:

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