The Latest Live Concept Entertainment From Japan: Real Escape Game in San Francisco Vol. 2

After a very successful U.S. debut in March, REG is back with Vol.2 in San Francisco!
“Real Escape Game(REG)” is an inventive live puzzle event that requires players to cooperate and use their detective skills to solve multiple mysteries, locate a hidden key, and escape from a locked room within a limited time. The first U.S. edition, “Escape from the Werewolf Village,” was held at NEW PEOPLE in Japantown and sold out all shows, with over 800 people in attendance. The second installment, “The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad,” will be held at Fort Mason Center. Teammates will help each other solve riddles and puzzles left behind by the eccentric genius Dr. Mad, who hid the secret to human prosperity within his last will. The venue is much bigger than the event last March, and this time will progress through three different rooms. Each one contains a series of hints and clues that build upon each other as the game goes on. The puzzles are by no means easy, so teamwork is vital to finishing within the time limit and discovering Dr. Mad's secret. Going up against one of the greatest minds of last century will prove challenging, and while it may be tough to finish all the puzzles it is sure to be lots of fun.

The Crazy Last Will of Dr.Mad
50 years have passed since the death of Dr. Mad, a physicist known as the greatest genius of the last century. Rumor has it that he uncovered the secret to human prosperity, but passed away before revealing it to the world. In accordance with his last wishes, his will was sealed for 50 years following his death. And now the time has come for it to be opened. Many mysterious clues lie hidden within, along with the following challenge — “Can you unravel the mystery of my life's work?”

  • July 5 Thu. 6pm / 8:30pm
  • July 6 Fri. 6pm / 8:30pm
  • July 7 Sat. 1:30pm / 4pm / 6:30pm / 9pm
  • July 8 Sun. 1:30pm / 4pm / 6:30pm / 9pm
  • TICKET Advance: $22 Door Sales: $27 VENUE Fort Mason Center, Conference Center 1746 Post St San Francisco, CA 94115

    Tickets information at Offical Web Site;

    What makes REAL ESCAPE GAMES so exciting?

    Reading books requires imagination. Playing games online is a challenge. Real Escape Games successfully combine these elements, by drawing you into the story in an active, engaging, and very real way. Just like the adventures you had reading your favorite tales as a child, REG is a window into “the world of story.” It's an interactive narrative that you and your teammates face head on. It's your chance to live the adventure, to solve the mystery, and to become a hero. At the same time, the puzzles are far from child's play. There is no guarantee that you're going to finish everything, and there is nobody there to hold your hand if you get stuck. You're going to have to give it your all if you want to succeed in the end, just like the heroes and heroines in the books. And be prepared to giggle like a child when you solve the riddles and find out what's inside the treasure box. The first REG event took place in Tokyo in 2007 and since then, more than 100,000 participants have played in multiple cities across Japan, China, Singapore, and more recently San Francisco. REG was the brainchild of Takao Kato, the founder of the Kyoto-based publishing company, SCRAP. Over 2,300 sessions have been staged to-date with as many as 10,000 participants taking part simultaneously. The Game was played by several hundred participants at massive arena venues including the Tokyo Dome and the city's Jingu Baseball Stadium. The San Francisco event at NEW PEOPLE was the first time a Real Escape Game has been held in the United States.

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