Berserk New Releases- Art of War Releasing Guts & Casca Statue

23th June 2012, Tokyo, Japan –ART OF WAR is going to release the “Guts & Casca/ 1:10 scale”.

“Guts & Casca/ 1:10 scale”, the cover of Volume 13 was the most requested statue in ART OF WAR idea contest 2010. In Berserk, the “Eclipse” is the most remarkable and important scene. It is the turning point that makes Guts becomes the Black Swordsman. In the scene, although Guts lost his right eye and left arm, he still tried to fight by using a broken sword while holding Casca in his arm. There is a strong contrast between Guts and Casca in this statue. In addition, you can see uncountable wounds on Guts's body and copious amounts of blood running down his body. The blood is painted in a darker red to give it a delicate finish effect. You will be surprised at the high level of detail in both of them.

The base represents apostles' body fluid and comrades' blood. Art of War decided to use green and mix with blue, grey and black colors to create a fantastic atmosphere. Art of War also added some comrades' internal organs and bones on the base to give the whole diorama a more realistic effect. Besides, Art of War put Borkoff as a special attachment and used blue-grey color to represent it. It is made in great detail, including his humorous face. Art of War believes you will enjoy the authenticity and outstanding design of this product.

“Guts & Casca/ 1:10 scale” is 47,400 Japanese Yen (about US$ 601), limited to only 100 pieces. Guts & Casca statues are estimated to be released at the September or October 2012. Do not miss the great opportunity to pre-order this lifelike statue, “Guts & Casca/ 1:10 scale”

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