Art of War Plans To Release Femto Statue

10th August 2012, Tokyo, Japan –ART OF WAR plan to reproduce the “Femto: The Birth/ 1:10 scale”.

The Birth of the Femto from the red-hot Beherit is one of the most dramatic scenes in Berserk. The Beherit shell will be painted in different shades of red, with a strong contrast between the inside and outside of the shell to emphasize the birth of the Femto from the darkness. When the Beherit shell breaks, the strong light and darkness symbolizes the Femto himself. The color of the Femto will be dark blue with purple accented metallic spots. His head and shoulder will glitter delicately, and the subtle gradation of color from his shoulder to the mantle will be carefully hand-crafted by ART OF WAR skillful artisans. And finally, the color from bottom to the top of his wing will become increasingly transparent with clearer blood veins. There is no doubt that this art piece will be one that brings out the best of ART OF WAR artisans' skills.

Looking at the rear of the statue you will be surprised by the strong details of the “Beherit: Egg of the King” shell. The color of the Beherit's eyes and lips will be greatly bring out the Beherit's complexion. You will see “Egg of the King” will have a realistic facial expression through its eyes, pupils, lips, and teeth. Moreover, as it will be created in a shell form, it makes the item easy to be enjoyed from any viewpoint. ART OF WAR believe our effort with this artwork and the complexity of the paint application will allure you into the world of Berserk.

“Femto: The Birth/ 1:10 scale.” is 45,000 Japanese Yen (about US$ 568). This statue will only be manufactured upon receipt of a minimum pre-order quantity of 50 units and limit to 100 pieces during the pre-order period from 14th July to 10th August. Do not miss the great opportunity to pre-order this high quality statue, “Femto: The Birth/ 1:10 scale”.

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