Killer is Dead Announces Music Collaboration with Japanese Rock Band Jesse and The Bonez, Releases New Screenshots

KADOKAWA GAMES announced today that KILLER IS DEAD, which is scheduled to release in Japan on August 1 and North America on August 27, will include the tracks “BOSSMAN” and “ACCESS VIOLATION” by the rock group JESSE and THE BONEZ.

Additionally, XSEED Games has released all-new screenshots showcasing a selection of the game's action sequences, characters and locations, which are available for download below.

A global release from Japan, KILLER IS DEAD will be released in North America, Europe, Asia and other territories this August. JESSE and THE BONEZ, a popular Japanese rock ban, is teaming up with KILLER IS DEAD for a rock tag team that will shake the world later this summer.

JESSE McFadden, the vocalist, MC and guitarist of the rock band RIZE, created JESSE and THE BONEZ in November 2012 through a musical collaboration project known as “Stand Up!” Two of their songs – “BOSSMAN” and “ACCESS VIOLATION” – used in the game are from their first album, “Stand Up!”, which was recently ranked in the top 60 albums of 2012 in Japan.


JESSE's musical collaboration project “Stand Up!” started on November 11, 2011, and the band was formed a year later on November 11, 2012.

The diverse musical background of each band member enables them to create a unique mixture of sounds from alternative, hip-hop, folk, and even contemporary urban genres. THE BONEZ consists of American musician JESSE, best known as the Vocalist/Lyricist/Composer of the band RIZE, T$UYO$HI (Bass) & ZAX (Drums) from Pay Money To My Pain , in addition to ZUZU (Guitar) who was discovered via “Stand Up!” project auditions.

Their energetic live performances are fueled by JESSE's solid, driven and incredibly powerful vocals, along with potent rhythms led by T$UYO$HI and ZAX, and the melodically-driven guitar sound injected by ZUZU.

*KILLER IS DEAD supports dual audio!

Users will be able to select the original Japanese voiceover with subtitles if they please.
The list of the US voice actors includes:

· Mondo: Patrick Seitz
· Vivienne: Tara Platt
· Bryan: Alem Brhan Sapp
· Mika: Jennifer Sekiguchi
· David : Liam O'Brien
· Tokio: Johnny Yong Bosch
· Robert: Graydon Schlichter
· Victor: John White
· Sebastian: Bubba Chow
· Hamada-Yama: Travis Willingham
· Alice: Wendee Lee
· Dolly: Jessica Straus
· Moon River: Evelyn Lantto
· Betty: Annie May

KILLER IS DEAD will be released by KADOKAWA GAMES in Japan on August 1, and in North America by XSEED Games on August 27. Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, will bring the title to the countries of Europe and Oceania. For more information on KILLER IS DEAD, visit: Additionally, fans can visit the game's North American Facebook page here:

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