Nekocon Welcomes Back Webcomic Legend Drowtales

Welcoming back for the first time since 2010, Nekocon is thrilled to have webcomic legend Drowtales in attendance this year! Come see all the new panels, art, and fun they're bringing!

From the desk of Kern himself:

“Twelves years of experience make this team one of the ancients. Comics, audiobooks, animation, livestreaming, videogame generation, interactive stories, they've tried it all falling on thesis many long years. We're not crazy shut in working till the wee hours of the morning! We're just normal comic artists.

Okay maybe we're a tad crazy.”

Make sure to stop by Artist Alley and find their table if you're looking for autographs, and check out the new panels they will be hosting during the convention!

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Nekocon 16, 2013 Hampton, VA

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