Scan2Go to be Shown in Russia

August 31st 2013, Tokyo/Copenhagen d-rights Inc. (based in Tokyo, Japan) and Ink TM A/S (based in Copenhagen, Denmark) announce that they will begin airing the TV animation “Scan2Go” in Russia starting this September.

Scan2Go is an internationally produced project that combines d-rights' knowledge of kidspecific promotions and animation with the toy development and manufacturing knowhow of the large, Dubai-based toy company, NewBoy FZCO.

Scan2Go has also been airing on India's POGO since June and England's Kix! since July. It has been in Europe and North America since 2011 where the toys have become popular enough to sell out.

The show is set to start airing on September 1st at 8:30 AM on TNT Broadcasting Network, a network with 104 million viewers. In preparation, Russia's largest toy distributor, SAKS Igrushki Ltd. will begin selling the toys in August.

d-rights and Ink are confident that this partnership will bring success in Russia and hope to continue this global success even further.

Scan2Go Outline
Containing 52 30-minute episodes, Scan2Go is a space adventure story aimed at boys. It focuses on racing cars that are powered up by scanning cards.

The show is a joint production between d-rights and NewBoy FZCO as well as Korean companies SBS Production and Stone Bridge Capital, both based in Seoul. d-rights is in charge of all television and merchandising rights worldwide.

About d-rights
Owned by Mitsubishi Corporation, d-rights is known for producing animation brands for boys that are popular around the world, such as the Beyblade series, B-Daman series, and Scan2Go series. d-rights furnishes every part of content creation, including product marketing and related animation production, rights management, finance, and licensing. Over 50 of their animation titles have been shown internationally. In the Japanese market, d-rights fully produces content-related products for sale in convenience stores from the planning stage to manufacturing, sales, and promotion. They also hold the license for Japan's professional basketball league, the “BJ League.” Additionally, they operate a content rights management system called “Media Asset Management (MAM).”


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