Canada and Sweden Join the World Cosplay Summit

CANADA AND SWEDEN JOIN THE WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT - the 2 nations will participate in the event through observer status at WCS2015

NAGOYA, JAPAN - May 22, 2014 - The World Cosplay Summit is proud to announce Canada and Sweden will join the ranks of nations and regions participating in the premier cosplay event held every year in Japan. Partnering with Comic Con Stockholm (Oct 30 - Nov 2) and Otakuthon (Aug 22 - 24) representative cosplayers will be selected at each event to travel to Japan in the summer of 2015 to make their family, friends and fellow cosplayers proud.

"As observer nations Canada and Sweden will be able to meet up with the other cosplay representatives from around the world and participate in the event to a limited extent", stated Ed Hoff, an organizer for the WCS in Japan. "We are really excited that these 2 countries with such strong cosplay communities will finally be sending representatives to the WCS and we look forward to them becoming full competing members in the near future."

With Hong Kong and Taiwan joining the ranks competing in the championship this year this number will swell to 22 nations/regions. Observer nations participating in the WCS at the moment are Canada, Sweden, Philippines, Portugal and Vietnam bringing the total number of participating nations/regions to 27. The Cosplay Championship will move from Oasis 21 to the Aichi Arts Center which means the final event will be held at an indoor venue for the first time ever this year at WCS2014.

The WCS began as an event in 2003 and became an independent company in 2012. The event not only promotes global cosplay but also encourages international exchange through the vibrant anime and manga culture of Japan. As the longest running global cosplay event and with the greatest international reach of 27 countries and 54 representatives, the WCS can arguably claim to be the largest international cosplay event in the world.

WCS2014 will be held from July 26th to August 3rd with the Cosplay Championship taking place on August 2nd and the Osu Parade to run on August 3rd. For those who will be in Japan during the event and are interested in attending please contact us here:

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