Aniplex of America Announces Expelled From Paradise on Blu-ray This June

Director of Fullmetal Alchemist along with Writer of Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero bring a Totally Original 3DCG Theatrical Masterpiece!

SANTA MONICA, CA (April 3, 2015) –Aniplex of America has announced today at their industry panel at Anime Boston their plans to release the theatrical feature animation EXPELLED FROM PARADISE on both limited and standard edition Blu-rays on June 5thPre-orders for both SKUs will begin on the official website ( later today.

This original science-fiction film directed by Seiji Mizushima (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam 00) and written by Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero), two of the most prominent creators of the Japanese anime industry, garnered much praise from fans in Japanwhen it debuted in theaters last November. Even with a limited theatrical release, the film saw over 17,000 attendees within the first two days earning over 29 million yen. Aniplex of America has also screened the film across the U.S. last December with the producer Koichi Noguchi as a special guest at the L.A. premiere. By integrating the most state-of-the-art 3DCG technologywith the traditional “cel-look” animation, EXPELLED FROM PARADISE presents unique characters and dynamic action scenes that any sci-fi fan would enjoy.

This domestic release will feature an all-star cast including Wendee Lee (Cowboy Bebop, Blue Exorcist) as Angela Balzac, Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop, DURARARA) as Dingo and Johnny Yong Bosch (DURARARA, Blue Exorcist) as Frontier Setter. The Limited Edition Blu-ray features both the original Japanese and English audio with English and Spanish subtitles. The bonuses include “The Making of 'Expelled from Paradise,'” trailers, a deluxe booklet, a pin-up card and the box featuring the illustration by Masatsugu Saito (Character Design).

The EXPELLED FROM PARADISE Limited Edition Blu-ray will be available at a limited quantity and sold only while supplies last. Both editions of the feature will be available for sale in the U.S., Canada, Central and South Americas only.

EXPELLED FROM PARADISE Limited Edition Blu-ray features:

Disc Specs:
 Spoken Language: Japanese & English
 Subtitles: English & Spanish
 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
 Number of Disc: 2 BD discs (Feature on Blu-ray, Bonus on Blu-ray)
 Total Run Time: Approx. 104 min.
 Rating: 13UP

Bonus Contents and Materials:
 The Making of “Expelled from Paradise”
 Trailers

Bonus Materials & Special Package:
 Box Art Illustration by MASATSUGU SAITO (Character Design)
 Deluxe Booklet including Interview with GEN UROBUCHI (Screenplay)
 Pin-up Card
*Bonus contents subject to change.

Product number and UPC bar code:
Title: Expelled from Paradise Limited Edition Blu-ray
Street Date: 06/05/2015
SKU #: AOA-6901
UPC: 856137005421
SRP: $64.98
Store price: $49.98

EXPELLED FROM PARADISE Standard Edition Blu-ray features:

Disc Specs:
 Spoken Language: Japanese & English
 Subtitles: English & Spanish
 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
 Number of Disc: 1 BD disc
 Total Run Time: Approx. 104 min.
 Rating: 13UP

Special Package:
 Cover Illustration by MASATSUGU SAITO (Character Design)
*Bonus contents subject to change.

Product number and UPC bar code:
Title: Expelled from Paradise Standard Edition Blu-ray
Street Date: 06/05/2015
SKU #: AOA-6902
UPC: 856137005438
SRP: $49.98
Store price: $39.98

EXPELLED FROM PARADISE Blu-rays can be pre-ordered and purchased at:

RightStuf: Limited Edition Blu-ray:
Standard Edition Blu-ray:

Official Retailers:
For product details, please visit:

With Earth now left in ruins following the “Nano Hazard,” most of humanity has abandoned the planet they once called home along with their physical bodies and rebuilt their digitalized minds into a society within the cyber universe of “DEVA.”

A.D. 2400, DEVA's central council detects an incident of unauthorized access into their mainframe. Someone on Earth was trying to hack into the system. The only information DEVA was able to retrieve was that the hacker referred to themselves as “Frontier Setter.”

To investigate the mysterious hacker's motives, the high officials of DEVA dispatch System Security Third Officer Angela Balzac to the Earth's surface. Equipped with a prosthetic “material body,” Angela attempts to make contact with a local agent Dingo, but what awaited her instead was a swarm of Sandworms now infesting the Earth's surface. Angela intercepts the gruesome pests with her exoskeletal powered suit Arhan.

Will Angela and Dingo be able to find Frontier Setter on this devastated planet?
Their journey to explore the secrets of the world will begin now...!

For details, please visit:

CAST (Japanese/ English):
Angela Balzac: Rie Kugimiya / Wendee Lee
Dingo: Shin-Ichiro Miki / Steve Blum
Frontier Setter: Hiroshi Kamiya / Johnny Yong Bosch

Original Story: Toei Animation, Nitroplus
Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi (Nitroplus)
Director: Seiji Mizushima
Sequence Director: Tomoki Kyoda
Character Design: Masatsugu Saito
Production Design: Yasuyoshi Uetsu
Mechanical Design: Junya Ishigaki, Masatsugu Saito, Takayuki Yanase, Makoto Ishiwata (Nitroplus)
Sculpture Design: Masaki Apsy
Graphic Design: Tsuyoshi Kusano
Conceptual Consultant & Conceptual Design: Shinya Ogura
CG Director: Naoki Ao
Animation Director: Haruki Kashiwakura
Modeling Director: Kazumasa Yokokawa
Color Designer: Eriko Murata
Motion Graphic Artists: Yohei Miyahara (CAPSULE), Natsuko Sato
Art Director: Masanobu Nomura (Bihou)
Composite Supervisor: Kojiro Hayashi
Editing: Masato Yoshitake
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima (Techno Sound)
Sound Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi (SOUND BOX)
Animation Producer: Hiroshi Moriguchi
Chief Animation Producer: Hiroki Yoshioka
Producer: Koichi Noguchi
Animation Production: Graphinica
Planning & Produced by: Toei Animation

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Aniplex of America Inc. (Santa Monica, California) is a subsidiary of Aniplex Inc. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan), a group of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and a leading provider of anime content and music production and distribution in Japan. Aniplex of America has launched fan-favorite Blu-ray and DVD releases such as Sword Art Online, KILL la KILL, Bakemonogatari, Durarara!!, Fate/zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the Garden of sinners, Blue Exorcist, Anohana: The Movie, Silver Spoon, NISEKOI, OREIMO 2, Blast of Tempest, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Oreshura, Vividred Operation, and VALVRAVE: The Liberator. The company's ever-growing line-up of shows includes our most recent titles Sword Art Online II, ALDNOAH.ZERO, DURARARA!! x2, Persona4 the Golden ANIMANTION, MEKAKUCITY ACTORS, The irregular at magic high school, Mushi-Shi Next Passage, Nanana's Buried Treasure, Your lie in April, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend and Samurai Flamenco.

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