Mobile Pixel Action RPG Crusaders Quest's Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Collaboration Begins

NHN Entertainment's mobile pixel action RPG 『Crusaders Quest』 and popular anime 「Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World-」 collaborate!

■ Earn 「Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World」 collaboration Heroes and Weapons!
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is a Japanese light novel series that has been published by MF Bunjo J and has gained a loving fanbase, being adapted into a 25-episode anime series in 2016. With its solid storytelling and charming characters, Re:ZERO has received many positive reviews.

Crusaders Quest is scheduled to have a collaboration event with Re:ZERO in-game for 2 weeks, from now until January 30.

Players may acquire Emilia, Rem, Ram, Beatrice, Crusch Karsten, and Ferris from Re:ZERO Collaboration Summons.

Also, when acquiring the collaboration Heroes through the summons, you will receive the character's iconic weapons from the series!

【Period】1/16/2019(Wed) ~ 1/30/2019(Wed)

[Collaboration Characters List]

Emilia (Class: Wizard) [Unique Weapon] Puck, the Great Spirit of Fire
Rem (Class: Paladin) [Unique Weapon] Morning Star
Ram (Class: Wizard) [Unique Weapon] Ram's Cane
Beatrice (Class: Wizard) [Unique Weapon] Magic Tome of the Void
Crusch Karsten (Class: Warrior) [Unique Weapon] Crusch's Blade
Ferris Argyle (Class: Priest) [Unique Weapon] Sword Received from Crusch

■ Variety of Collaboration Events!
During the collaboration period, a secret dungeon revolving around 「Natsuki Subaru」 will be open.

「Natsuki Subaru」, who dies in battle against the Witch Cultists activates his ability, 「Return by Death」, but revives in Hasla this time.

There are 5 different stages of this Secret Dungeon and by clearing each stage, players may complete「Collaboration Missons」. By completing these missions players will earn a 「★3 Natsuki Subaru」, alternate Skins for 「Emilia」, 「Rem」, and 「Ram」alongside other rare rewards like Weapon Option Tickets.

Furthermore, 「Limited Time Collaboration Quests」 will also be added to the game. Completing these quests will unlock alternate Skins for 「Crusch Karsten」 and 「Ferris」, as well earn players other rare in-game items like Legendary Bread.

Lastly, during the collaboration period, Crusaders Quest will be handing out many login rewards and special gifts to commemorate this epic event! Log in every day to collect everything!


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