Digital Manga Inc. Announces New Yuri Imprint and Online Store

Gardena, CA, May 01, 2019.

Digital Manga Inc., DMI, is excited to announce the launch of LILYKA, a new imprint and online store specializing in Yuri and Shoujo-Ai manga. From platonic feel-good stories to more mature and darker themes, LILYKA intends to provide a wide array of manga featuring the romantic relationships between women.

Over the last few years, the manga market has seen an increased interest in the Yuri genre. As the Yuri community continues to expand and gain popularity, the demand for a wider range of titles is constantly growing. With the release of LILYKA, DMI hopes to not only enter into the Yuri market, but also help broaden it by licensing titles that otherwise would not have been brought overseas.

In order to accomplish this, DMI has adopted a new business model that focuses on working with self-published creators directly. Through this model, artists will have a platform to exhibit their works, and this in turn will allow fans to discover new and exciting content. Moto Momono, one of the Yuri artists DMI is currently working with, is thrilled for this project and “hope[s] that this platform will contribute to creating an environment overseas where more fans can enjoy Yuri manga.”

Visit for a preview of what is to come.

LILYKA Sample Titles:

The Rain and the Other Side of You
' By Moto Momono
Yuka Kano, a 27-year-old junior high school teacher, has never dated a man in her life. One rainy afternoon, whilst tutoring one of her students, Yuka suddenly finds herself being kissed on the cheek by Aki Madarame. Aki confesses that in order to be alone with Yuka, she purposely failed the test. Confused as to why her student would do such a thing, Yuka decides to visit Aki at her house, where she finds out the ugly truth...

Lily Fairy Tale -Little Mermaid met Hansel and Gretel-
By Mintaro
At the fairy tale boarding school, Marie the "Little Mermaid" meets Gretle from "Hansel and Gretel," and immediately feels that they are destined to be together. She believes that Gretle is the key to break the curse that took her voice away on the day her parents got divorced. Marie tries her best to become friends with Gretle, but then things start to take an unexpected turn...

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