'IDOLiSH7' a.k.a 'i7' Is On Streaming

IDOLiSH7 is a multimedia project that started out as a combination rhythm and visual novel mobile game, which also had its anime on air from January 2018. The second season was also announced, to start in April 2020.

The game had its 4th Anniversary last August. New Singles of the 4 groups appearing in the 4th chapter released this February, has been on sale consecutively starting from 8th January (wed).

Starting from 5th February, the project finally has the songs of all groups and units: IDOLiSH7, MEZZO", TRIGGER, Re:vale and, ŹOOĻ on streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

The group IDOLiSH7 has 7 members: Riku Nanase (CV. Kensho Ono), Iori Izumi (CV. Toshiki Masuda), Yamato Nikaido (CV. Yusuke Shirai), Mitsuki Izumi (CV. Tsubasa Toyonaga), Tamaki Yotsuba (CV. KENN), Sogo Osaka (CV. Atsushi Abe) and Nagi Rokuya (CV. Takuya Eguchi), belonging to "Takanashi Production". One unique feature of the group is that they all have numbers in Japanese in their names, from 1 to 7.

IDOLiSH7's first Single was "MONSTER GENERATION" back in 2015, and they have released 6 singles since then, and one Album "i7".

Yotsuba and Osaka are also members of the unit MEZZO" born from IDOLiSH7. Other groups you may find in the project include TRIGGER, Re:vale and ŹOOĻ.

Refer to the following for links to streaming services:





★Playlists of “IDOLiSH7” are also available!!


IDOLiSH7 Official Website: https://IDOLiSH7.com/

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