Original Short Anime Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice: The First Episode Opens to the Public on Saturday, August 8

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ayumu Murase and other great voice actors!
Original Short Anime
"Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice”
The first episode opens to the public on Saturday, August 8!

The first episode of "Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice”, the latest original anime from TriF Studio's director Okamoto, will be released on Saturday, August 8th. It will be available on YouTube, with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ayumu Murase, Minami Takahashi, and newcomer Yuki Otani in the lead roles. The theme song will be sung by LieN, a sound unit of game developer CyberConnect2.
The details are as follows.

URL for the first episode of "Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice”


This is a short anime set in Minamishimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture, and is scheduled to be released in four episodes (approximately one minute per episode) by the end of 2020. It will be directed by Okamoto (TriF Studio), the up-and-coming female animation director who created the original "Mecha Ude" which has attracted attention in the animation industry for its quality.

"Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice”
Episode 1: Saturday, August 8, 2020, opens to the public
Episodes 2-4 to be released in succession after fall 2020 (to be completed by the end of the year)

Distribution Media
YouTube: NCC Nagasaki Culture Broadcasting Corporation official channel


Shiro(cv.Yuki Otani)
Goron(cv.Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Tokiya(cv.Ayumu Murase) Akane(cv.Minami Takahashi)
Matsuji(cv.Yohei Tadano)
Shiro Amakusa(cv.Romi Park) etc

YouTuber Shinigami as a voice actor!
Popular YouTuber Shinigami, who has over 630,000 channel registrations, will appear in the anime as a voice actor!

Shinigami official YouTube channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/kouzakihikaru/featured

Director/Character Design/Production Director

Okamoto [TriF Studio]

She is an animation director/illustrator who belongs to TriF Studio, a creative team based in Fukuoka Prefecture.
She succeeded in raising funds through domestic and international crowdfunding for the original anime "Mecha Ude", for which she served as the original planner and director, and completed the pilot episode in 2018. She is an up-and-coming creator whose high quality has become a hot topic in the animation industry, and is expected to be active in the future.

Animation Production:TriF Studio
Sound Director : Takeshi Takadera (HALF H・P STUDIO)
Sound Production : HALF H・P STUDIO
Music: Chikayo Fukuda (CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd.)
Theme song: LieN
Theme song PV (Open to the public 8/8 Sat.)
Screenplay: TriF
Production: Minamishimabara City,
NCC Nagasaki Culture Telecasting Corporation
©TriF/Minamishimabara City, NCC Nagasaki Culture Telecasting Corporation

For more information, please visit the official website for "Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice” and the official TriF Studio Twitter page.

Official Website :https://www.ncctv.co.jp/minamishimabara/anime.html
TriF Studio Twitter :https://twitter.com/trifstudio

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