VenusBlood HOLLOW International English Localization Project Kickstarter

JAST USA and developer Ninetail are happy to announce the English Localization Project Kickstarter of VenusBlood HOLLOW International. The Kickstarter will be launched on September 8, 2020, it will have a pledge goal of $124,240 and will run for 30 days.

VenusBlood HOLLOW (Originally VenusBlood HYPNO) is a Turn-Based Strategy Role Playing Adventure Game. It's essentially a Visual Novel with SRPG elements in it, created by the Japanese studios Dualtail and Ninetail.


Leonhardt is tasked with taking over the three surrounding nations for the sake of his master, the Empress of the largest nation on Helvetia, the Varganian Empire.

However, underneath his subservient facade, he resents the empress who placed shackles upon him and seeks retribution for the humiliation of forced servitude, seeking to destroy the empire that she rules and take over as the leader of a new nation.

In a twist of fate, he crosses path with a certain girl known as Sylvia. Known at the White Princess of the Empire, despite being the younger sister of the Empress Karvia, she is a kindhearted soul who is well-loved by the citizens of the empire.

Sylvia sees the tyranny of her elder sister and the suffering of the citizens and wishes to put an end to all the corruption and change things for the better.

He, who wishes for the destruction of the empire so that he may rule in its place... And she, who wishes for revolution, as well as peace and stability for the world...

What awaits them at the end of their journey...?

Step into the shoes of the empire's veteran warrior, Leonhardt Arknoah, as he fights for freedom from the shackles of servitude.

Aided by his loving cousin Anora, adorable subordinate Noel, and the Demon Empress' younger sister Sylvia, he steps forth into battle...

Fighting for freedom... As well as for revenge.

New Features in VenusBlood HOLLOW!

Battalion Battles (Triple Squad Battles) With three squads of six units each, you enter battle... with all 18 units. Each squad has its own individual force gauge! This allows you to, under ideal circumstances, unleash three powerful Tactical skills in a single turn!

Squad Positioning on the Map You can position your unit squads onto specific bases! Therefore, rather than just pushing forward offensively, do consider leaving some units behind to defend your bases as well!

Internal Administration Your internal administration parameters influence your generation of food, magic, anima (required to recruit units), and gold, as well as the effectiveness of your military and medicine!

Features brought over/improved from VenusBlood FRONTIER International!

  • Squad System
  • Morphing (Corruption)
  • The Routes of Law and Chaos
  • Customizing and Optimizing Units
  • Encounter Battles
  • Multiple Endings
  • Satisfying Systems & Replayability

JAST USA will also provide an All Ages version and a +18 uncensored version of the VenusBlood HOLLOW International demo on their website. (Link provided at the bottom of this email)

JAST USA has been publishing Japanese games and visual novels since 1996. Their past releases include both general audience and mature adult-only titles. You can find their games on Steam and their own digital storefront.

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