The Burgle Cats Officially Released in English for iOS & Android

PONOS is proud to announce the worldwide English-language release of The Burgle Cats, the hotly anticipated follow-up to the developer's weirdly cute tower defense hit The Battle Cats. The mobile game app will be available worldwide for players to download on iOS / Android devices on February 24th, 2021.

The Burgle Cats takes the weirdly cute feline heroes of The Battle Cats' Cat Empire and drops them into world of heist-filled stealth action. Players will recruit a crew of wily thieves from dozens of charming and bizarre Cats, using each burglar's unique skills and abilities to infiltrate the Manors of other players.

Guide five chosen Cats through the target mansion, dodging Traps and avoiding Guard Doges to crack the vault and escape with the loot: Treasure Chests containing valuable equipment or even tickets to unlock more powerful Cats! But be careful: if you take too long or have three burglars captured, your Cats will fail the heist and go home empty-handed!

Your Manor's personal Locksmith will get right to work opening the chests you've snatched, but beware, other Cat Burglar crews might just steal it right out of YOUR Manor before the lock is picked. To stop your burglars from getting bamboozled themselves, you'll have to unlock Traps and turn your own Burglar's Manor into an ingenious maze to drive off other bands of thieves.

With every successful heist, your Cat Burglar crew will rise up in the ranks of the Burgle Leagues, increasing rewards, and opening up superior gear to collect… but with even tougher threats to deal with in the Manors of players you invade! Making it all the way to the Celestial League will open up top-class Cats, Traps, and Outfits only available to the most elite burglars

If the challenges get too tough, build a network of Friends to help you crack the tougher Manors you encounter in Co-op Battles! If your crew slips up, you can summon the team of a Friend you've made to pick up where you left off, and still come out on top.
And if you decide to return the favor, coming to the aid of other Cat Burglar crews earns you Friend Points to unlock premium Outfits and Accessories to empower your own crew.

The Burgle Cats offers hours upon hours of exciting head-to-head action in the wacky world established in The Battle Cats, with oodles of character and base customization features that offer players endless options to burgle and defend in their own chosen style.


Genre: Strategy/Stealth Action
OS Requirements: iOS ver 9.0, Android OS ver 4.4
Copyright ©PONOS Corp.
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