TV Animation "Odd Taxi" Blu-ray Box Project "Odd Taxi" Has Started for Overseas Customers


PONYCANYON SHOP has launched the "TV animation "ODDTAXI" Blu-ray BOX Project "ODDTAXI", a project currently underway in Japan, for overseas customers.

Initially, there was no plan to release a Blu-ray BOX, but we received requests from many fans in Japan and overseas, and decided to start a project to release a Blu-ray BOX overseas as well.

Project "ODDTAXI" is a special project in which if a certain number of applications (300 sets) are received, the Blu-ray BOX will be released, and the more applications are received, the more luxurious the specifications become. The larger the circle of support from those who wish to participate, the more the project will accelerate.

We have now reached 1400sets of applications. This is a special project that will accelerate as the circle of support from fans around the world grows.

TV animation "ODDTAXI" Blu-ray BOX project "ODDTAXI" Special Site 
■TV Animation "ODD TAXI" Blu-ray BOX Project "ODDTAXI" Outline■
The larger the circle of support from people all over the world, the faster the project will go. As the number of applications from fans increases, the specifications will become more and more luxurious!

[Order period]
Until 30th September 23:59 (JST)

[Product Details]
TV animation ”ODDTAXI” Blu-ray BOX
Release date: Scheduled for March 2022
PCXP00094/base price 25,000yen

※Please note that the release date may be earlier depending on the number of applications.
※Please note that product release and specifications may be subject to change, postponement, or cancellation due to various circumstances.

■Shop Information■

■TV animation "ODDTAXI"■
Official Site http://Odd
Official Twitter @Odd Taxi_
Official Instagram @Odd Taxi_
Official TikTok @Odd Taxi
Official YouTube Channel

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