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Developed by EXNOA Games, the RPG is a colorful treat for anime aficionados with amazing Hentai graphics and incredible scenic backdrops

MONTREAL – August 31, 2021 – Today, we're delighted to announce the launch of EXNOA Games' Mist Train Girls X on Nutaku.net. An idle RPG, the title features fully voiced narration, and even allows character power-ups with AFK mode. Filled with anime tropes, Mist Train Girls adds more action to the assortment of 500+ PC Browser and Mobile on the adult gaming platform.

In the continent of Iris Cloud, all the five nations are under attack by the wicked Mist Monsters. The protagonist, captain of the Special Steel Squad, along with their sizzling hot military students, hop on the magical train to protect the Iris Cloud citizens. Leveling up the rarity, players will be able to make their team stronger, and together they get rid of the Bosses, sources of the Phantom Mist.
Key Features:
• Collect your own harem of military ladies
• Story-driven and turn-based RPG
• Animated and fully voiced sex scenes
• Unique layer system of the same character, making even low-rarity level useful
• A chance to play poker, roulette and bet on races in the casino

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