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Be 'Loved to Death' in this Visual Novel Game 'Menhera Girls Ensemble - Needy Girlfriends -' Available on Steam Starting January 25

Cyberstep, Inc. is excited to announce that the visual novel “Menhera Girls Ensemble - Needy Girlfriends -” developed by PandaShojo is available on Steam from January 25, 2023.

Steam Store Page

Promotional Video

◆ Introduction
I want to be loved to death by someone. Or experience this at least once.
“Menhera Girls Ensemble - Needy Girlfriends -” can make your wish come true.
This Bishojo Game released in 2017 under the "Noirsoft" brand has been reworked for the "PandaShojo" platform for players of all ages worldwide to enjoy.

◆ Synopsis
Valentine's Day. Shoya Ichijo meets Shizuka Tojo by chance.
She was rejected and couldn't give her chocolate to her crush.
To comfort her, Shoya receives those chocolates instead.

Since they became close friends... but Shizuka's love became more and more excessive.
With the two mental girls, a childhood friend with freaky love and a geeky girl who does not doubt that Shoya is the one for her, their relationship goes downhill.

Shoya's life had changed drastically, from the moment he received the chocolate...

◆ Character Introduction
・Shizuka Tojo
A female student who shows too much love to Shoya.

She is single-minded and quiet. Therefore, she becomes very obsessed.
She has difficulty expressing her feelings and is often misunderstood.
Her interest in Shoya started after Valentine's Day......

・Ryoko Mizuhara
A two-faced childhood friend.

A devoted childhood friend who loves Shoya.
She is a very ordinary girl, but when it is about Shoya, her personality changes drastically and reveals her mental-ness.
She also has a tendency to stalk Shoya and is constantly seeking his tastes and preferences.

・Mitsuki Shimano
Gothic Lolita girl who receives signals of love.

She is a geeky girl with a strong sense of self-doubt who loves gothic lolita clothes.
Thinking that Shoya is her soul mate, she behaves in an outlandish way.
In her mind, they are already in a relationship....

◆Store Info
Steam Store Page
Price :$19.99
Release Date :January 25, 2023
Promotional Video :https://youtu.be/gjr6gqVWrII

What is PandaShojo?
"PandaShojo" is a game brand that develops visual novel games for various ages, platforms, and languages, based on the concept of "Bringing unique Japanese novel game content to people around the world.".

The brand supports more than 50 languages with automatic translation functionality, and is available on a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android smartphones, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™, and Steam.

PandaShojo Official Twitter
◆ Game Details
Title :Menhera Girls Ensemble - Needy Girlfriends -
Platforms :PC(Steam
Platforms (To be released) :iOS、Android

◆ Company Information
Cyberstep, Inc.
Head office: 1-22-19 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director & President Rui Sato
Established: 4/1/2000
URL: https://corp.Cyberstep.com/
©2023 Cyberstep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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