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2 New Visual Novel Steam Store Pages Available From January 30

2 New Visual Novel Steam Store Pages Available
From January 30
“姉恋ごっこ - Siblings Role-play -”
“没落陰陽絵巻 - Tale of the fallen Onmyoji -”

Cyberstep, Inc. is excited to announce that the Steam store pages of the visual novels “姉恋ごっこ - Siblings Role-play -” and “没落陰陽絵巻 - Tale of the fallen Onmyoji -” developed by PandaShojo are available on Steam from January 30, 2023.

The visual novels “姉恋ごっこ - Siblings Role-play -” and “没落陰陽絵巻 - Tale of the fallen Onmyoji -” will both be available from February 13.

“姉恋ごっこ - Siblings Role-play -” Store Page Now Available

Steam Store Page

Promotional Video

◆ Introduction
"姉恋ごっこ - Siblings Role-play -" is a novel game with a special game "Point-based Lover's Game" that allows you to enjoy the love between siblings in law.
A Bishojo Game released in 2019 under the "Milkypoco" brand has been reworked for the "PandaShojo" platform for players of all ages worldwide to enjoy.

◆ Synopsis
The Amagai siblings are well-known in the neighborhood for being very close.
"Koyuki", an older sister who Yuma respects and adores... but at the same time, he is troubled by her slightly extreme seductions.
Despite his resistance, Yuma couldn't completely reject her, but from one incident, he realizes his true feelings for his sister.
Yuma agonizes about his feelings and the fact of being siblings.
Yuma's feelings for onee-chan are on the edge of explosion...!

To develop Yuma's self-control was proposing the game "Point-based Lover's Game".
From then, pseudo-romance with onee-chan started...!

◆ Character Introduction
・Koyuki Amagai
"Just teasing Yuma makes my day go by."

Cousin of the protagonist. A beautiful and mature sister-in-law.
She is usually well-behaved but often shows her vulnerable side only in front of Yuma.
Loves Yuma from the bottom of her heart and cherishes him more than anything else.
"One Yuma per day" is her policy, she pampers and teases him every day.
That is her meaning of life.

・Rena Hayagashi
"Hey, Yuma. I'm asking you once again, but did something happen with your sister?"

A senior student at the school where Yuma attends. She is like an onee-chan at school.
On the surface, she is beautiful, kind, friendly and many people adore her.
Her feelings for Yuma are extraordinary, but hides them from him.

・Nanano Kisaragi
"Studying is important, but you also have to work on your love life too."

An onee-san who lives in the neighborhood.
She is beautiful and also cute with her calm appearance, but sometimes clumsy.
A mature woman skilled at pampering.

・Chinatsu Amagai
"I'm heading off, Yuma."

Yuma's second sister-in-law.
Despite her appearance, she is very caring and sweet.
In other words, very naive.

・Michiru Sasamori
"Aww, he's cute! Isn't he Yuma that Koyuki was talking about?"

A college student attending the university near Yuma's home.
A lazy onee-chan, being looked after instead of looking after.
She is extremely lazy and sloppy, and sometimes Yuma has to be the one to take care of her.

◆ Store Info
・Steam Store Page
Price :$19.99
Release Date :February 13, 2023
Promotional Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N9PZAiOFXE

“没落陰陽絵巻 - Tale of the fallen Onmyoji -” Store Page Now Available

Steam Store Page

Promotional Video

◆ Introduction
"没落陰陽絵巻 - Tale of the fallen Onmyoji -" is a visual novel
game in which the protagonist; a member of a fallen Onmyoji family, finds his path and happiness by breaking the "curse" spread in the town with a kiss to the heroines.
This Bishojo Game released in 2021 under the "Momoiro Pocket" brand has been reworked for the "PandaShojo" platform for players of all ages worldwide to enjoy.

◆ Synopsis
A story in a world where Yokai coexist.
In Hinomoto, a country that had chosen to coexist with Yokai, many incidents occur because of evil Yokai, but the existence of "Onmyoji" was the way to solve these problems.
However, a new "Curse" has been spreading...

Many Onmyoji have gathered to exorcise the "Curse" except the protagonist "Zen Kamono", due to being a member of a fallen onmyoji family.
While researching on his own, he discovers that a "kiss" is the most effective against the curse...!

◆ Character Introduction
・Hazuki Tsunashi
"I hear Onmyoji doesn't ask gods for help, but are you different?"

A priestess from a noble family with both talent and high status.
An expert in the extermination of Yokai and a leader of other priestesses.
Neat looking but is occasionally abusive. She wants to get along with others, but her harsh personality causes others to avoid her.

・Midori Suzumiya
”I don't mind being called a doll because I have no ego."

A hybrid Onmyoji also with the power of a priestess.
Her family is an enemy of Hazuki and often turns against Zen since he is close to Hazuki.
Has a rivalry with Hazuki due to the constant comparisons with her.

"I don't care whether it's the humans or the Yokai who rule this country."
A "Yoko" with a free spirit, who loves having fun and a drink.
From her sketchy personality, it is questionable if she is an ally or a foe.
It is said that she becomes a great Yokai when reaching nine tails, but she is still in the development process.
"I believe in you master. I know you will get through this crisis."

A Shikigami that serves Zen.
Being together since childhood, there is a special bond between them.
Obedient, but sometimes teases Zen.
To her, Zen is a master she adores with all her heart, a child in need of care, but sometimes thinks of him as a husband.
・Nagisa Tsunashi
"She's becoming a great girl. She could be the one saving Hinomoto."

Hazuki's mother who is retired, but still possesses the strong powers of a priestess.
There is no priestess in Hinomoto who doesn't know her name.
She looks calm and gentle, but really smart.
She is a widow but she is happy to spend her days with Hazuki.

◆ Store Info
・Steam Store Page
Price :$19.99
Release Date :February 13, 2023
Promotional Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HM18luGsBo

What is PandaShojo?
"PandaShojo" is a game brand that develops visual novel games for various ages, platforms, and languages, based on the concept of "Bringing unique Japanese novel game content to people around the world.".

The brand supports more than 50 languages with automatic translation functionality, and is available on a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android smartphones, PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™, and Steam.

Panda Official Twitter
◆Game Details
Title :姉恋ごっこ - Siblings Role-play -
Platforms :PC(Steam)
Platforms (To be released) :Nintendo Switch、iOS、Android

◆Game Details
Title :没落陰陽絵巻 - Tale of the fallen Onmyoji -
Platforms :PC(Steam)
Platforms (To be released) :Nintendo Switch、iOS、Android

◆ Company Information
Cyberstep, Inc.
Head office: 1-22-19 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director & President Rui Satō
Established: 4/1/2000
URL: https://corp.Cyberstep.com/
©2023 Cyberstep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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