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Paragon FX Group Announces Partnership with TOHO International

May 21, 2024, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Paragon FX Group proudly announces their partnership with TOHO International to produce prop replicas and themed collectibles from the expansive vault of classic Godzilla films. The scope of the product line will cover literally decades of entertainment from numerous films.

"We're excited to jump right into this one! One of the first things we ask ourselves prior to partnering with a new studio is, what's the state of their archives? The ability to actually lay hands on a production used piece or reach out for reference is crucial to us. The more assets that survive a film's production the more likely a given piece can be properly replicated and enjoyed by collectors.

TOHO has done such an excellent job of cataloguing decades of props and production used pieces that our initial plans have already doubled. Our first release, a full-sized replica of the powerful Oxygen Destroyer as seen in 1954's Gojira, will be followed by a personal favorite of mine; a full-size, from neck up, recreation of TOHO's beloved android, Jet Jaguar, from 1973's Godzilla vs Megalon. Of course, there's so much more planned, but we've got to keep a few surprises... The goal here is to provide museum quality replicas in a limited series that properly pay tribute to this beloved franchise." Ry Pruett, Director / Paragon FX Group

Paragon FX Group continues to add to a rapidly growing roster of properties from which classic film and television memorabilia is being preserved and replicated for collectors. Visit them at paragonfxgroup.com.

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