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New Anime Scheduled for July 2024 Yoasobi Gurashi! Debut Episode Premiering In Advance + Series to Be Released Uncensored on Coolmic

Suiseisha, the studio behind the upcoming anime "Yoasobi Gurashi!" slated for a July 2024 debut, has exciting news! They've revealed an early premiere of the debut episode on June 14th, 2024! The premiere will be available on Coolmic and will include English subtitles for those eager to dive into the series.

★Advance Premiere of the Debut Episode !
The premium version of the first episode will be available on Coolmic, June 14th, 2024 !
Fans of other popular Suiseisha anime titles such as "Overflow" and "Adam's Sweet Agony" will be familiar with this site, also the home of the company's newest anime, " Yoasobi Gurashi!"

Yoasobi Gurashi! to be Released Uncensored!
△ Taking after Suiseisha's other hit anime titles such as "Overflow", "Married Couple Swap" and "Adam's Sweet Agony", Suiseisha has announced that "Yoasobi Gurashi!" will be released uncensored on Coolmic for an English speaking audience!

Yoasobi Gurashi! - More about the upcoming Anime!

[Where to Watch Yoasobi Gurashi!]

Coolmic:Japanese version subtitled in English
Viewers can watch Yoasobi Gurashi* June 14th, 2024 on Coolmic!
*Premium Version Exclusive


"My room...has been turned into a love hotel?!"

Meet Kazuto, whose hopes of becoming a photographer didn't pan out, and Yayoi, who successfully achieved her dream of becoming a model.

Two childhood friends who have grown apart... Suddenly find themselves living together!

In the beginning, there's an awkward tension between them, and Yayoi has a secret she can't tell Kazuto...

Then, one night, things start to change... Could they be more than just childhood friends...?!

[CAST]※For the TV and Premium Versions
Kazuto Mano VA : Kofun Penguin
Yayoi Muto VA:Ion Momoyama
Kaoru Muto VA: Yukanyun

[Official Site (EN)] https://yoasobigurashi.af-original.com/en
[Official Site (JP)]https://yoasobigurashi.af-original.com/
[Official Site (EN)]https://coolmic.me/
[Official X (EN)]https://twitter.com/Coolmic
[Official Instagram (JP)]@coolmic_us

[Where to Read the Original Manga Living in a F*** Room]
★Digital: English version available on Coolmic now ! (https://coolmic.me/titles/2308)
★Paper: Volume 1 is available in Japanese bookstores and Volume 2 is scheduled for release on July 18, 2024 - published by Suiseisha (Japanese version only)


[Site Name] Coolmic [Online Since] 2018 [Information]Provides manga and anime distribution, available for viewing on mobile, tablets or computer. [URL]:https://coolmic.me/

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