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Yen Press Announces Thirteen New Titles for November 2024

NEW YORK, NY (6/14/24) –Yen Press, LLC, announced the upcoming release of thirteen new titles, including nine manga (Agents of the Four Seasons: Dance of Spring; Brunhild the Dragonslayer; Dracula’s on the Night Shift; I Picked Up This World's Strategy Guide; The Teen Exorcist; The War of Greedy Witches; Praise Me When I'm a Good Boy; mono; April Showers Bring May Flowers), two novels (In a World of Lies, I Fell into an Unforgettable Love; Festival of Heresies), and two art books ([Oshi no Ko] 1st Illustration Book: Glare x Sparkle; Candy: Shō Harusono Art Collection). These thirteen titles are set to release in November 2024.

[Oshi no Ko] 1st Illustration Collection: Glare x Sparkle
Story by Aka Akasaka, Art by Mengo Yokoyari
Mengo Yokoyari, artist of the runaway success [Oshi no Ko], has compiled her illustrations into this extensive collection featuring the burning stars who light up the world of Japanese show business! This book features over 130 pieces, including full-color works, character design drafts, and drawings posted to social media—as well as comments and a discussion between the artist Mengo Yokoyari and author Aka Akasaka.

Candy: Shō Harusono Art Collection
By Shō Harusono
Sugar and spice and everything nice—enjoy this delightfully delectable and sugary sweet amalgamation of gorgeous illustrations, rough sketches, exclusive bonus manga, and even an interview with Shō Harusono, the series creator of Sasaki and Miyano and Hirano and Kagiura!

Agents of the Four Seasons: Dance of Spring (manga)
Art by NAPPA KOMATSUDA, Story by Kana Akatsuki, Character Design by Suoh
A manga adaptation of the latest light novel series from the creator of Violet Evergarden. At first, there was only Winter. But this lonely existence was too much for it to bear, so Winter split off part of itself to bring forth Spring. But the earth wished for Summer and Autumn as well, and their creation marked the birth of the four seasons. The changing of seasons became a duty that fell upon humanity, and those tasked with the transition are known as “Agents of the Four Seasons.” This is the bittersweet story of Hinagiku and Sakura—the Agent of Spring and her devoted Guard, who set out on a journey to usher in Yamato's first spring in ten long years.

Brunhild the Dragonslayer (manga)
Story by Yuiko Agarizaki, Art by Takeru Kirishima, Character Design by Aoaso
The manga adaptation of the award-winning light novel! Eden is a place of perfection, protected from outside harm by the silver dragon. In this idyllic land, the dragon raises a human girl found on the island's shores as his own. But when the dragon's life is mercilessly snuffed out by human machinations, the girl must choose whether to heed his dying wish and stay the course of righteousness…or walk a path of vengeance.

Dracula’s on the Night Shift
Story by Satoshi Wagahara, Art by Tsukumo Asakusa, Character Design by Aco Arisaka
Vampires, who cannot be exposed to sunlight, have been able to integrate into modern society by only going out at night. Yura Toraki is a vampire who works the graveyard shift at a convenience store in Ikebukuro. One day, he happens to save a woman named Iris, who turns out to be a member of an order of vampire exterminators! Before he knows it, Yura is living in the same apartment as his should-be nemesis!

I Picked Up This World's Strategy Guide
By atchi ai
Sana is the hardworking daughter of a shop owner, and she often ventures out into the forest to gather the herbs needed for the restorative potions they sell. But on one trip, she happens to pick up a mysterious strategy guide for a game—and it's filled with detailed information about her town, those around her, and even what's yet to come! Except, the future may not be at all what she expects… With such a powerful—and dangerous—book in hand, what will Sana do?

The Teen Exorcist
Story by Mitsuru Yūki, Art by Shikiji Sorakura
Japan's Heian Period. Masahiro serves as a royal diviner just like his grandfather, the legendary Abe no Seimei. His dream isn't to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, though—it's to surpass him! During some intense training with his spirit companion, Mokkun, Masahiro notices an ominous presence targeting the princess...Can he protect the royal capital and escape from his grandfather's shadow?!

The War of Greedy Witches
Story by Homura Kawamoto, Art by Makoto Shiozuka
From the creator of Kakegurui comes an action-packed fantasy series featuring tournament-styled fights and witches! At the moment of her execution, the holy martyr of France, Jeanne d'Arc, is transported to a mysterious new world. There, she comes face-to-face with thirty-one heroic women who carved their names into the annals of history as “witches.” Now, with the thirty-two witches assembled, Walpurgisnacht can commence—and the deadly tournament that pits its competitors against each other in the name of their selfish wishes is about to get underway...

Praise Me When I'm a Good Boy
By Yodaka Kuroi
High school teacher Watanabe has a secret—behind closed doors, he's actually a Sub. Enraged when his fiancée leaves him because of his nature, Watanabe hooks up with his former student, Izumi...who just so happens to ooze Dom energy, and is also looking for a place to stay. Where better than at his new Sub's house? Which means Watanabe's going to have to figure out how to survive round-the-clock orders, all so he can be praised like the good boy he's desperately trying to be...

By Afro
From Afro, the creator of Laid-Back Camp, comes a new comedy adventure manga! The Photography Club is in danger of shutting down?! And the Cinema Club too?! Fret not, for they shall merge and become…Cinephoto Club! Now club members Satsuki, An, and Sakurako are asked to be the main characters for manga artist Haruno's latest work that's centered around action cameras. The girls head out to capture the lovely sights of Japan, experimenting with gadgets beyond photography and film equipment, and of course, chomping on the local delicacies along the way!

April Showers Bring May Flowers
By Roku Sakura
Pessimistic high school student Hana Tabata doesn't believe her life could ever be like that of a heroine from the shoujo manga she reads—she's convinced she's ugly, and she's always alone. Still, she can't help but imagine herself as a leading lady when she's changing out flowers early one morning...until she's caught in the act by her handsome classmate Yousuke Ueno! Hana can't wrap her head around his kind words at first, but as they grow closer, she finds her life slowly beginning to change…

In a World of Lies, I Fell into an Unforgettable Love
By Misaki Ichijo
In his second year of high school, Makoto Tsukishima learns he has only twelve months left to live. Just as he decides to give up on confessing his feelings to the girl he likes, however, she invites him to join the film club. Soon, the two grow closer and begin to feel a connection, but time is running out for Makoto. Conflicted, yet determined to spare her the truth, it's time for him to put a certain plan into action...

A story of hope connecting past and future from the author of Even If This Love Disappears Tonight.

Festival of Heresies
By Rokakoen
There's a reason Emi Shimamoto can't find a job. For as long as she can remember, she's been unable to tell the living from the dead. Resigned to yet another failure, she attends an interview with Moriya Foods, only to find herself strangely attracted to its young president and more determined than ever to get the position. Meanwhile, Emi's brother senses that there is more going on with his sister than meets the eye, and he pays a visit to a certain agency that specializes in matters of the supernatural...

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