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Episode 130

by Amy McNulty,

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Boruto's trip to the past continues as the younger versions of the Hidden Leaf 12 come out of the woodwork. After a hearty breakfast of instant ramen, Boruto and Naruto meet up with the other genin and report to the public bathhouse for their next assignment: cleaning the place up in exchange for the owner's silence about Jiraiya's peeping. However, it isn't long before the gang's antics create an even bigger mess than the one they were tasked with cleaning up. Afterward, Boruto touches base with Sasuke, who continues to evade questions about his younger self's whereabouts during this time period. The next day, Naruto and Boruto once again meet up with Sasuke in the surrounding woods, only to be discovered by a newly-arrived Urashiki, who vows to “hunt them down like insects.”

Another low-key, humor-centric installment, episode 130 gives viewers a chance to reconnect with the classic versions of their favorite Hidden Leaf heroes while observing them in a casual, relaxed setting. Boruto's mild surprise at how silly and dysfunctional his elders used to be continues to drive most of the comedy, and although some jokes fail to hit their respective marks, the nostalgia factor is often able to soften the blow. Boruto repeatedly making statements about the future within easy earshot of the Hidden Leaf 12 seems a bit out-of-character, but since this is done in the service of comedy, it isn't a huge issue. Conveniently, no one seems particularly suspicious of these statements—though several characters insist that Naruto will never become Hokage. Since she's always observing her crush, it's fitting that Hinata quickly notices the resemblance between Boruto and his father, even though no one else seems to. (How often do these kids encounter people with whisker-scars?) It's also appropriate that Boruto's first tagalong mission with his the younger versions of his elders is a menial chore, as this is the type of assignment Naruto and company would find themselves saddled with in the parent series' comedy-focused fillers.

While it's certainly convenient for the narrative, Naruto's indifference to losing Sasuke—50% of the people he was tasked with watching—seems a little too shortsighted, even for young Naruto. The fact that Sasuke would give him the slip and remain hidden for an entire day should certainly have raised suspicions, especially in light of young Sasuke's recent defection. At the very least, he should have reported the elder Sasuke's absence to Tsunade, even if he was afraid of getting in trouble.

With Urashiki's appearance at the end of the episode, a tonal shift is all but guaranteed. After two hijinks-laden episodes, this seems like a fitting time to get to the meat of the story, lest the show run the risk of letting the comedy get stale. It'll be interesting to see how Boruto, Sasuke, and Urashiki's presence will impact the future and if the adult versions of the Hidden Leaf 12 have any new memories.


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