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Episode 132

by Amy McNulty,

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Boruto and Sasuke continue their eye-opening journey through the past in a reflective Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It isn't long before Boruto's joint training with his old man hits a snag. Despite their best efforts, the boys are unable to properly sync their chakra. To make matters worse, in the wake of last week's Nine Tails incident, Boruto is slightly afraid of Naruto. After the boys part ways for the day, Boruto learns more about his father's past from Neji, and Sasuke has a heart-to-heart with young Naruto. In the end, both Uzumakis decide to resume their training with renewed vigor as Jiraiya informs Sasuke that he knows who he is.

In the wake of last week's humorless, high-stakes affair, episode 132 lightens the mood while adding increased emotional depth to the proceedings. Since Boruto arrived in the past post-Sasuke Retrieval Arc, he's never really seen what life was like for his father before he had a steady stable of friends. Talking to Neji not only helps give him a sense of young Naruto's isolation, but it also helps him realize that he shouldn't regard his father as an object of pity. After all, despite his many hardships, Naruto inspired positive change in many of his friends. It's good for Boruto to see that his father didn't have a perfect childhood, but the darker aspects of his adolescence shouldn't overshadow all the good he did. Chatting with young Naruto also helps Sasuke realize just how dedicated his best friend was to reconnecting with him. Sasuke's departure from the Leaf was Naruto's primary motivator for seeking out Jiraiya's training and getting stronger—a fact that Sasuke had largely been unaware of until this point.

Sasuke shows more emotion than he has in ages as he opens up to the young Naruto, offering him more kindness and respect than his younger self would have at that age. He's also so shaken by a close encounter with young Sakura that he makes what may prove to be critical mistake for a time traveler. Jiraiya piecing together Sasuke's true identity serves as a stark reminder that despite all the levity, the Pervy Sage has been as sharp as ever throughout the entire arc. Furthermore, Sasuke, one of the Naruto-verse's brightest minds, being the one to blow the duo's cover is an interesting twist, especially since the smart money was always on his impetuous partner spilling the beans.

One of the current arc's most relaxed installments, episode 132 serves as nice post-battle breather, as well as a decent character piece. Boruto and Sasuke have a new appreciation for Naruto, and Boruto finally gets some one-on-one time with his late uncle. With Sasuke's identity potentially discovered by both Sakura and Jiraiya, our heroes' various dynamics and their general approach to the Urashiki crisis may undergo some interesting changes in the coming weeks.


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