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Episode 179

by Amy McNulty,

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Large changes are afoot in a foreboding Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With the curse mark that sustains his life no longer operating properly, an ailing Victor seeks the aid of Amado, a Kara Inner who appears to be the organization's chief medical researcher. After gaining entrance to Amado's lab, Victor is able to collect valuable data on the “Vessel” various Kara members have discussed in the past. Pleased to hear that the Vessel has entered “Phase 3,” Jigen insists on conducting a test of some kind on the surface. Hoping to steal Jigen's treasure, Victor volunteers the use of his airship to transport the Vessel to the testing site. However, when he attempts to remotely redirect the airship, Victor is shocked as the ship explodes in midair over the Hidden Leaf.

Meanwhile, Team 7 receives a commendation from Naruto for their bravery in the Land of Valleys. Pleased to have his strength acknowledged by his father, Boruto requests that Naruto spar with him once his arm heals up. Later on, as Boruto stands above Hokage Rock and reflects on the ominous warning imparted by Momoshiki, he confidently removes the bandage from his right hand, revealing the mark that appeared on his palm following the Chunin Exam incident.

While there are some advantages to keeping the big bads shrouded in mystery, the show has thus far done a good job of introducing the Kara in small doses, and the time seems right for a full episode devoted to pulling back the curtain, introducing some of the shadowy faces, and painting a clearer picture of the organization's workings. Based on what we've seen this week, the members' personalities seem varied enough that watching them interact—with both each other and our heroes—should prove entertaining. Amado's calm demeanor and ability to let insults wash over him suggest that he's the most levelheaded of the bunch, while Delta's brashness and refusal to mince words peg her as the hothead of the crew. Although none of the Inners introduced in the latest installment reinvent the wheel as far as Naruto-verse antagonists go, they all seem interesting in their own right, and they're likely to make worthy opponents for Boruto and the gang in the coming months (years?).

As is often the case with this type of fictional organization, few members of the team like or even trust each other, which presents a stark contrast to the good guys and their efficient teamwork. The heroes don't even have to do anything for the villains' infighting and backstabbing to go horribly awry, though based on Jigen's impassive look at the end of the episode, it stands to reason that he foresaw Victor's treachery (which, in fairness, was pretty telegraphed) and the crashed airship is merely part of his plan. Ironically, after Team 7 receives its commendation from Naruto, Konohamaru posits that Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki deserve a break. However, with Kara making their presence more obvious by the week, the audience knows that any respite will be short-lived.

In many respects, episode 179 feels like the calm before the storm. Even though the Kara have yet to make their big move, the proceedings are colored by an ominous mood that suggests the world Boruto knows is about to change. However, despite getting an extended look at Kara's Inners this week, a story about Mugino's past seems to be on tap for next week. Although it feels a bit odd to get what is ostensibly a side-story in the wake of a such a bombshell episode, it's entirely possible that Mugino's tale will tie into the larger arc.


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