by Christopher Macdonald

Buttobi CPU / I Dream of Mimi

Perfect Collection

Buttobi CPU

Akira's a normal guy... well, normal if you ignore the fact he sometimes forgets there's a world outside of cyberspace and doesn't always notice that boys and girls really are different.

His life takes a rather dramatic turn one day when he ventures outside to buy a new computer, and ends up with something quite a bit more than he bargained for! When he opens the box he discovers that his computer is a little more advanced than he ever dreamed, in more ways than one. She's a biomechanical machine named Mimi!

The only thing for sure is that Akira's life just got a whole lot more complicated. Fortunately, he's got the one thing everyone craves: a loyal companion and partner who will literally do anything for him! But Akira's finding out that keeping her running takes more out of him than he ever imagined, since her energy source is his "molecular input!" Akira definitely isn't going to be able to save himself for marriage any more but can his sex drive handle her continual need for uploads?

With his friends dropping by, how is Akira going to hide Mimi's true nature? And why are the biomechanical computers trying to destroy each other?


While nothing to rave about, the soundtrack supports the actual Anime in a very decent manner. It is alternatively lively, funny, somber and romantic as required by the Anime.

Buttobi!! CPU is much better animated than the average Hentai. Excessive panning and looping, which are serious problems in most Hentai, are not used in any excessive manner here. The level of art and animation in this Anime is on par with an average OVA. The character designs are nice, and all the main characters have their own distinct look and personality.

Buttobi!! CPU is funny, the various situations that Akira finds himself in with Mimi can be hilarious, and no particular gag is overused. Most of the comedy centers around Akira's shyness at being required to perform certain… acts in order to provide Mimi with the necessary "active modules" she needs to perform at full capacity.

Buttobi!! CPU also has a plot, unlike some other Hentai, it has a clear beginning, middle and end; if all the actual sex scenes were taken out of the show, there would still be a complete Anime to watch and enjoy.

As for the naughty scenes themselves, which are frequent but not excessive, they are short and not very explicit at all, explaining this title's 17+ rating on the box. Fact is, a lot of 14+ movies contain just as much nudity as this one does.

As usual, Critical Mass VHS releases don't have any trailers on them, but unlike Mail Order Maiden, the Japanese producers did at least create a proper opening for the show. Another nice feature, is that even on the VHS version, the ending is repeated twice, once with the original credits in Japanese and a second time in English, unfortunately there are no textless op/ed available, but these can't really be expected on a VHS anyways.

All in all, despite being despite being labeled as an "erotic comedy", Buttobi!! CPU is a fairly versatile show that can be watched and enjoyed by anyone who isn't offended by the sexual content, and is interested in a light-hearted, silly comedy.

Overall (sub) : B+

+ Funny, original, well animated for a Hentai.
Will disappoint serious Hentai fans, watch this one for the comedy, not the sex.

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Production Info:
Director: Masamitsu Hidaka
Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard: Masamitsu Hidaka
Episode Director: Masamitsu Hidaka
Kanji Saito
Harukichi Yamamoto
Original creator: Kaoru Shintani
Character Design: Yuriko Chiba
Art Director: Atsushi Ioki
Animation Director: Yuriko Chiba
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Director of Photography: Motoaki Ikegami

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