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Dangaizer 3


Dangaizer 3 DVD 2
Exactly why is Goma trying to kill Hina, anyway? After her experience piloting the robot Dangaizer, Hina still searches for the answers. Neo Hong Kong is next for Goma, and the three heroines race towards what could very well be a deadly trap. Upon reaching Neo Hong Kong, they?re faced with a new enemy ? Eileen, who bears a disturbing resemblance to Hina!
It would be incredibly unfair to say that Dangaizer 3 lacks quality because it isn?t as deep, or meaningful, or intelligent as most of the other anime series out there. This OVA was created with one thing in mind: fanboys. This show isn?t trying to be anything other than chock full of big breasts, big robots, and big explosions. If that sort of thing appeals to you, then there?ll be a lot about Dangaizer 3 to like. If not, just pretend it never existed and continue with your life.

Obviously a bit of money was dumped into this production. The animation is smooth and consistent. The character designs, while tacky in some regards (specifically the ridiculous costumes that the girls are forced to wear), they are solidly realized. The robots look like any other robot in any other series, as do the monsters, so don?t expect groundbreaking visualization here.

Don?t expect groundbreaking storytelling, either. Most of the poorly-written and entirely negligible dialogue is expository, meaning they sit there and recap the incomprehensible and ridiculous plot over and over again. No matter how many different ways they explain things, it never really makes a whole lot of sense. It?s your typical busty-girls-versus-evil-organization-with-long-acronym sort of story. Frankly, it doesn?t really matter what?s going on. That isn?t the point of Dangaizer 3.

The point of Dangazier 3, which you may be questioning at this point, is simple. Reel in the fanboys. The show has unabashed fan service from wall to wall, with the girls going through several costume changes. Even the opening animation has nipples in it. Breasts and Robots should be considered its own genre at this point, and Dangaizer 3 is a shining example of it. The robots bash things apart and the girls bounce around and bend over and do basically whatever it takes to get their bodies of Barbie Doll proportions in movement.

The dub is suitably atrocious, and, frankly, so is the Japanese. I don?t speak fluent Japanese but I?ve seen enough anime to know the difference between good and bad Japanese voice acting, and this is some of the worst I?ve ever heard. You can?t win, so just pick a language track and keep some Q-tips handy to sop up the blood that?s bound to leak from your ears.

That having been said, it?s hard to criticize Dangaizer 3. The show has zero pretensions about what it is. It isn?t overly serious or dark or even thought-provoking, so it isn?t trying to be something it?s not. Simply put, if you like this sort of thing (even if you like this sort of thing just so you can make fun of this sort of thing), you?ll probably dig it. Yes, it?s an unabashed waste of time and you might actually be dumber for having watched it when it?s all said and done, but nobody has to know you saw it. You can keep a secret, right?
Overall : B-
Overall (dub) : C
Overall (sub) : C
Story : D
Animation : A
Art : B+
Music : C

+ No pretensions about being chock full of fanservice and totally stupid
Chock full of fanservice, totally stupid

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Production Info:
Director: Masami Obari
Series Composition:
Reimu Aoki
Masami Obari
Script: Reimu Aoki
Reimu Aoki
Yuji Moriyama
Masami Obari
Toru Yoshida
Episode Director:
Osamu Mikasa
Masami Obari
Toru Yoshida
Music: Masayuki Sakamoto
Original Work:
Reimu Aoki
Masami Obari
Character Design: Yasuhiro Oshima
Art Director: Kazuo Ogura
Chief Animation Director: Yasuhiro Oshima
Animation Director:
Takahiro Kimura
Naoko Nakamoto
Yasuhiro Oshima
Yoshikazu Samura
Ryō Tanaka
Hiroshi Yamamoto
Mechanical design:
Natsuki Mamiya
Masami Obari
Sound Director: Atsushi Watanabe
Director of Photography: Masahide Okino
Takao Asaga
Ayumi Enomoto
Chihiro Kamibayashi
Kimio Mitani

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