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Episode 6

by Theron Martin,

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The title of this episode – “Good-Bye to This Irritating Living World!” – makes it clear that Kazuma is going to die yet again and think about not coming back, though the girls will no doubt find some humorous way to “convince” him to return. However, the scene depicted in the screenshot has nothing to do with that. As much as it might look like Kazuma being dragged into a fiery hell, he's just resisting being dragged out from under the kotatsu that he built with the intent of marketing it in this world. Eventually, the girls get fed up enough with his behavior that they just chuck him – kotatsu and all – out the window.

But that isn't what results in his death, as that wouldn't be funny enough. (Although that whole sequence demonstrates some great comic timing and execution.) There are other jokes to be had first, such as how Vanir has come back using his “second life,” but now he's working for Wiz and not the Devil King, which Darkness is mortified over since he overheard her favorable comments about him. Kazuma has also apparently commissioned the forging of a katana, but he doesn't wear it properly and it gets in the way, so he eventually shortens it to what looks like a wakizashi. He also gets a shiny new suit of plate armor but literally can't move in it, because it's too heavy.

All of this shtick is definitely good for a few laughs, as these foibles both define Kazuma and represent parodies of the over-equipped characters all too common in RPGs. However, the meat of the episode comes later, when the gang goes on a quest to deal with a pack of Running Lizards, whose curious mating habits can be quite destructive because of their size (about equivalent to a large dog). Kazuma has what seems like a perfectly sensible strategy laid out for dealing with the lizards, but of course, nothing ever goes right for this bunch for long. It's not just Aqua screwing up this time either, as Kazuma's actions during the episodes' early scenes come back to haunt everyone and contribute to his demise.

This results in him meeting up with Eris again, while Aqua is working to Resurrect him. There has been some speculation about whether or not Kazuma is actually interested in any of his adventuring companions, and this episode firmly clarifies that Eris is the goddess girl he would hang out with if given a choice, regardless of whether or not she actually pads her bra (as Aqua likes to claim). Whether or not he truly does prefer the quieter, gentler type like Eris, or if he's just appreciating her because she's such a stark contrast to the other three in attitude and demeanor, remains to be seen. It's also unknown if there will be any long-term fallout for what got written on Kazuma while he was dead, which was pretty amusing. It's hard to feel sorry for him over that, since he was dillydallying on returning to life, and he was warned about the possibility of this happening if he took too long, but Kazuma doesn't seem like he's above carrying grudges.

While there may have been individual funnier moments so far this season, episode 6 delivers laughs with enough frequency to keep things satisfyingly rolling along. This is still great, sharp-witted stuff that uses its oddball cast quite effectively. Don't neglect to read the text on screen during the Next Episode previews either! They rarely disappoint, and this episode's is especially good.

Rating: A-

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