Sound Decision

by Jonathan Mays,
Title: .hack/GAME MUSIC Best Collection
Artists: Norikatsu Fukuda, Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata
Label: Geneon

Release Date: 2004-03-16
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98


After a smash-hit TV and OVA series, four spectacular PlayStation 2 role-playing video games, a collectible card game, a spin-off manga series, action figures and more, .hack (dot hack) has virtually taken The World by storm.

Now add to all of this the release of .hack//GAME MUSIC Best Collection, featuring 31 of the most striking and creative instrumentals compiled from all four of the best-selling .hack PS2 games, and you truly have the best of all worlds. This soundtrack only reinforces why the .hack video games are bonafide hits in both the U.S. and Japan!

Track list:

rtown0 (Server Water Capital Aqua Anu)
stage01 (Field - Prairie - Rain - As a General Rule ~ Combat)
aura1 (Aura's Theme)
blackrose (BlackRose's Theme)
cathedral (The Concealed Forbidden Sanctuary)
str9_2 (Balmung Appears then the Virus Bug)
mia (Mia's Theme)
piroshi (Piroshi's Theme)
rtown1 (Server - Highland City - Dun Loireag)
ev05 (Phase 1 Skeith)
str10 (Recollection of Vol. 1 [The Birth of Cubia]
str11 (Lios-Helba)
ev10 (Phase 2 Innis)
rtown2 (Server - Cultural City - Carmina Gadelica
dgn03 (Field - Forest - As a General Rule ~ Combat)
ev00 (Net Slum)
ev11 (Phase 3 Magus)
rtown5 (Server - Aerial City - Fort Ouph)
ev13 (Phase 4 Fidchell)
puti (Putiguso's Theme)
ev14 (Phase 5 Gorre)
str19 (Macha's Arrival)
ev17 (Phase 6 Macha)
rtown6 (Server - Relic City - Lia Fail)
ev20 (Cubia The Fourth Level)
ev18 (Phase 7 Tarvos)
ev19_1 (Phase 8 Corbenik The First ~ The Second Levels)
str21 (Drain Heart)
ending (Ending)
staff4 (Vol. 4 Staff Roll)
str32 (Resurrection of Mia - Revolution Fantasy)

Total time: 1:08:00

(Added on 2004-03-31)

This volume was reviewed in the Sound Decision column of March 31, 2003.

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