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Tales Of The Industry — Anime

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Tales Of The Industry - Big Apple Anime Fest

Tales of the Industry is switching to a feature article format, but not before Justin shares the thrilling behind-the-scenes tale of the first Big Apple Anime Fest. ― This will be the last regularly published Tales of the Industry, as we are switching to an occasional schedule. We will still continue to bring you new stories as we get them, but padding it out with my own stories is proving to be a l...

Tales Of The Industry - The Disastrous Premiere of Tokyo Godfathers

Justin recounts what should have been the highlight of his career -- hosting a world premiere with Satoshi Kon that went ridiculously sour. ― Welcome to “Tales of the Industry,” a new column where we will share stories from real working professionals in the anime business. These stories will be anonymous, and told in the first person. Names will be changed to protect people's jobs. They might've tak...

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