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ANN's Word Ratings Translated Into Scores From 0-10
10=Masterpiece / 9=Excellent / 8=Very good / 7=Good / 6=Decent / 5=So-so / 4=Not really good / 3=Weak / 2=Bad / 1=Awful / 0=Worst ever

I don't rate based off of purely enjoyment as I've found that "Enjoyable≠Good" and "Not enjoyable≠Bad". Of course I usually enjoy good shows, and find nothing but pain through the bad. My scores are based off of how I feel the quality of the show is overall. My enjoyment score is fairly close to the overall the majority of the time. Also, I do not take art, animation, or sound into my scoring much as I tend to value characters and story more. You can have fantastic visuals, but if there's nothing helping to support that, the show usually falls apart. I score based off of story + character, then divide that by 2. Ex: Hyouka Story: 6/10 Character: 8/10 Overall: 7/10

A list of shows I found bad/mediocre but still liked can be found here.

Explanation of Wishlists Under "Anime Goods"
Highest Priority: Releases that are close to selling out/becoming hard to find, as well as releases I'm planning to get in the very near future.
High Priority: Releases that won't last very long, but aren't close to selling out/becoming hard to find just yet.
Medium Priority: Releases I feel I need to get. These are the shows I care enough about having in my collection.
Double Dip: Shows I own or are in my wishlists I would really like to double-dip on.
Double Dip 2: Shows I own or are in "Just Want" I'd like to double-dip on, but don't need to.
Long: Wishlist for long shows that span multiple, multiple, multiple releases.
OOP: Shows I would really love to own, but are way too hard to find as the release(s) is/are out of print.
Double Dip OOP: Shows I already own that I would really like to double-dip on, but the release(s) is/are out of print and hard to find.
Cancelled: Releases I want but were never released.
Just Want: Shows I would like to own, but don't necessarily need, I can live without them. Also releases that don't exist will be in black text for unlicensed titles. I have an anime licensing wishlist for the titles I feel I need, but not one for the titles I'd like but can live without, so that will serve that purpose instead.
Wishlist: A mix of series I'd like to blind-buy, non-anime releases, and for formats not Blu-ray nor DVD.

Seen All Intro
Comments will only have how/where I watched a series (DVD, Blu-ray, fansubs, Crunchyroll, Hulu, FUNimation, etc.). If you want to know what I thought about a show, just ask me via PM or on Twitter.

Read all Rating Comment
Cross Epoch (manga) Good
Death Note: Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Serial Murder Cases (light novel) Very good VIZ Media physical release
Eureka Seven (manga) Good
Eureka Seven: Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl (manga) Good
Gaba Kawa (manga) Good
Girls Saurus (manga) Good Scanlations
Girls Saurus DX (manga) Good
K-ON! College (manga) Decent Yen Press Print Manga
K-ON! High School (manga) Good Yen Press Print Manga
Maburaho (manga) So-so
Rosario + Vampire (manga) Excellent
Strike the Blood (manga) So-so Yen Press physical release
Tales of the Abyss: Asch the Bloody (manga) Decent
WaqWaq (manga) Decent