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!Karapuri! (manga) Using this just as a placeholder because it sorts first.
Manga I've read that aren't in the ANNcyclopedia:
- Fu~fu
- Teppuu
- Ran To Haiiro No Sekai
(all three are on the ANNcyclopedia's requested-to-add list, but haven't been yet as of 24-05-2017)
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.hack//Another Birth (light novel) A retelling of the first series of .hack// games from BlackRose's POV.

Anime I'm watching at the moment, and a few that I haven't finished in the past.

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Amanchu! (manga) Very good Couldn't resist reading the first few chapters while waiting for the anime to finish broadcasting. Only the introduction though; I don't want to spoil the story yet ^_^;
Watched the anime, and now I'm curious how gay the manga is. Looks like the anime stuck really close to the manga. Only a few chapters reshuffled, and not the one I thought.
Ch.24 was just dripping with subtext. Not that the others weren't already. Chs.25 and 35 reminded me of Kotonoba Drive. Oh, and ch.38 went Flying Witch. Chs.36 and 46 were silly borderline-ecchi comedy :/ Ch.48 was another supernatural mystery one.
This manga feels like it lost its focus in recent (say, the last 15 or so) chapters. The heavy subtext is gone, there's very little actual diving (there wasn't in early chapters either, but at least there were diving-related things), and the character focus is also diluted among a larger cast. It's still okay, but not as good as it was. Read up to ch.51 (2016-11-19).
A Centaur's Life (manga) Got curious about how this depicts centaurs since I've been wondering how these critters could dress themselves or even wipe their own behinds. Apparently they're just really flexible, and maybe shorter than horses?
This is pretty cute slice-of-life. The early chapters had some so-so stuff, but not really bad or a lot. I'll have to check out the anime after it's finished.
Caught up to where scanlation is (vol.5,ch.65,p.4). Well, that was good, but kinda weirdly mixed genre. It can't quite settle on whether it just wants to be slice-of-life or alternate history or sci-fi or fantasy. Most of the time it's cute slice-of-life (even ultra cute when Shino or the younger Manami sisters are involved). Now and then it suddenly swerves to alternate history though, where a whole chapter goes into some background world-political or historical events. Kinda unsettling when it goes from ultra cute kindergarten antics in one chapter to alternate-history slavery or WW2. Then there are often hints about aliens meddling in all sorts of things, which makes it more sci-fi. The Antarcticans do that too, but that's more world-political background. The aliens are just weird. And then there was a stretch of several chapters about Himeno and Shino being stuck in some sort of medieval fantasy world with regular four-limbed humans, complete with magic. I don't know if this is just the author trying to derail his own story or if it's going somewhere ultimately, but as it is, these elements don't fit in with the slice-of-life aspect very well (or at all).When it's cute it's really cute though, and the world-building is pretty thorough. I wonder what the anime will make of it.
Delicious in Dungeon (manga) Recommended by Leah. This is really good. Art, story, world-building, even the characters are intriguing. Read up to ch.38. I want to know what happens next >_<
Flying Witch (manga) I read a bit of this when it was linked on Twitter, long before the anime was announced. I think it was only a few chapters though, because only one or two eps.' stories looked familiar (Inukai's story, chasing the pheasant, summoning crows).
Hakumei to Mikochi: Tiny little life in the woods (manga) Very good The anime was just announced, so I was curious what it's like. It does remind me a little of those old Gnomes books, especially the background art and attention to details of everyday life. There are a lot of differences too, of course, but I wonder if it was a source of inspiration. Besides the setting and art, the characters are also interesting. Hakumei and Mikochi are both adults. Their friends are adults, they have jobs, they drink sake or beer now and then. Well, the latter I don't care for, but it's refreshing to see some adults again for a change. Adults who are 9cm tall in this case.
And that was all 31 chapters so far (2017-08-10). Aw, I wish there was more to read. It's really good ^_^
Inubaka (manga) Was mentioned in comments on this article as one of the few manga about dogs, so I read the first three chapters. Looks reasonably realistic re: the dogs, although they don't always treat them properly. The setup is pretty far out, the Suguri fanservice is a little too prominent, and her airheadedness rather stretches believability. I suppose it's okay if you like looking at cute dogs though.
IS - Otoko demo Onna demo nai Sei (manga) Came across this as an erroneous new anime submission. It's very focused on intersex issues (as you'd expect from the title), not much else. The issues are recognizable though.
Oh, I see. From vol.2 on it's a continuous story. Whoa, fast-forward from only Haru as a baby to four kids.
Ch.30. I feel like in recent chapters it's been all about others feeling inspired by Haru, but not about Haru themself. While nice, it kinda feels like that old stereotype of a tragic disabled or sick person who is an inspiration to others. Please go back to Haru's POV soon.
Oh noes. Those docs prescribed Haru estrogen. And they were actually going to take it D: Or maybe not? I hope so.. :(
Ch.56. All this waffling back and forth between Haru and Kenji is starting to become annoying. They've each promised to stay together forever multiple times, and then they go back and say it's better to break up and.. Yeesh. I get that it's hard to be decisive at that age and under those circumstances, but twice is enough really. Quit milking this drama, Rokuhana-sensei.
Ch.60. Again a sudden time skip to four years later. That's a pretty long time for nothing story-related to happen :/ Also suddenly new characters without any introduction other than the blurbs on the chapter's first page.
Ch.70. Still with the waffling back and forth. Dang, I figured since this manga's so old it'd been scanlated completely, but it isn't. There's 17 vols. and this is only up to half of vol.16. I'd hoped to get this over with.
(The) Morose Mononokean (manga) So up to v.6 ch.25 (incl.) is what the anime covers. And they're nearly the same. Differences are Ashiya's mom showing more flowers at the very beginning, the part about the exorcism at the big mansion (Togetoge doesn't appear in the manga, Abeno finishes the job quickly, without the quaking, and it was the mom's mother-in-law who hired them, not the daughter), and the final part of the anime, Ashiya losing his ability to see youkai temporarily, was drama-inflated quite a bit, as expected (in particular, the exorcised youkai don't all come to visit at the end, and Abeno's visit to the underworld wasn't even shown). So from here on it'll be new material.
Caught up (well, almost, but this is all that's available outside of CR) to ch.52 (2018-03-24). We've learned a bit about Hanae's dad, but not yet how both Abeno and the Legislator are familiar with the name. We also haven't learned yet what happened between Abeno and Aoi, and what kind of youkai the Mononokean is (aside from a tearoom with a talking scroll).
New Game! (manga) Read a few chapters of this before the anime was announced. It's cute and seems fairly realistic re: work setting.
Read up to ch.64 (2016-11). The prequel sidestory wasn't really game-related at all, just slice-of-life school stuff. I hope it'll get back to the main story now.
So I'm A Spider, So What? (manga) Mentioned by Leah, then I got caught up in reading it. This manga is pretty good. It's basically RPG-like, but from an unusual perspective and with a somewhat sympathetic MC. It's written so you just keep on turning pages, so now (2018-03-13) I'm stuck with nothing more to read for now at ch.25.1.
Wandering Son (manga) With about half a year between translated volumes, I have to reread the last part every time. Not really a bad thing, I just wish they'd release them more often. At this pace it takes several years to get the whole series.
Looks like vol.8 will be the last one for the foreseeable future, because translator Matt Thorn is busy with other things.
Yotsuba&! (manga) It's been quite a while, but I think I read through everything available back then. Maybe I should catch up some time.
Yozakura Quartet (manga) Decent Reading the manga, it seems that the first TV series only changed the overall plot, but not all that much of the details. The manga is just very vague in the early chapters, plus has a very sparse style. So the second series benefited from having more info to fill in some of the missing details. The first series was actually fairly close on a few things I thought must've been changed. The second series just skipped over most of those chapters. Pfft, this franchise really is messy. As for the ecchi stuff, the early chapters of the manga didn't have that either. I figured since both the OVAs and the second series had that it must've come from the manga, but it didn't. Or at least not at first. Later chapters (around the Ibara Michi & Hoshi No Umi arcs) have a few pantyshots here and there, which got worse over time (from Hana No Uta on), so I guess the later anime entries just adopted that style. Yah, messy.
I stopped reading this when the story got too long-winded around the Tsuki Ni Naku arc. It doesn't look like the mangaka intends to finish this story any time soon, and the talks between Akina, Enjin and the town council got more and more philosophical.

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Aqua (manga) Very good Read this because I was curious if this would give more background on the Aria setting. It doesn't really give more info, it's just the first few chapters of the Aria story, from before the title was changed. Most of this is also covered in the anime (though not all contiguously).
Double House (manga) So-so Found this under 'GID' at BakaUpdates. It's not really about that though. Just a crossdresser and a girl hanging out together. It's really slice-of-life in that nothing really happens. No romance, no plot. And it's short. It feels a little unfinished, but wasn't really going anywhere, so.. :/
.hack//AI buster (light novel) Very good Hmm, I wonder if the translators actually played the games. Several terms are slightly off from their game translations.
Ah, so this story was written at the same time as the games and anime. That's why some details are different. They're only minor ones though.
Volume two's stories are spread out from before .hack//SIGN, during that anime, four years later, and finally shortly before the start of .hack//Legend Of The Twilight Bracelet.
The first four stories give some interesting background on The World and CC Corp.. The last two are short vignettes about some characters from Legend. If you're just casually interested in the .hack// anime or games, this isn't very important. For those who want to know all about The World this is a must-read.
Kabu no Isaki (manga) Very good Another manga by Ashinano (of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou). It's another slightly mysterious setting, this time a world that's become ten times larger. Ashinano's love of flying and engines comes through clearly. A big question introduced in the last two volumes (Isaki dreaming of what looks like the normal world) is left unanswered, which is a little frustrating. Otherwise it's another lovely slice-of-life story.
Kemono Friends: Welcome to Japari Park (manga) Decent This one has a slightly different setting than the anime (no Ceruleans, more city), and has a park attendant named Nana, Red Fox and Serval as main characters. The art style is much more detailed (it is a manga after all). Overall, the mood is a little more everyday, less exuberant than the anime. A nice addition, but not as good as the anime (and no replacement anyway because the stories are unrelated).
Kotonoba Drive (manga) Good This seems to be a sequel to Ashinano's earlier PositioN. Same main character, but a few years older.
(2015-09-26) Caught up on this manga again. Recent chapters feel different from earlier ones. One more character, but less mystery.
Read up to ch.28 (2017-05-02).
And finished (ch.35, 2018-03-31). It's nice to see Suu made a friend who can see the same things. I guess most of the mysteries will never be explained. That's how this manga is. Kinda sad that it's ended, but I think it's good too. It wouldn't do to stretch it out too long. I look forward to whatever Ashinano will make next.
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (manga) Excellent Finally got around to reading this again. I thought it was more different in tone from the movie than it turned out to be. Nausicaä doesn't die and get revived by the ohmu like in the movie, but most other events happen in some way in the manga (although often in different context or to different people). Nausicaä does almost die or is left for dead several times though, and she gets worshipped by many people. Even the legend is there (although again in a different setting). Otherwise the manga is especially much longer and dwells more on the politics and religion of war and pollution. The last volume (7; also about 1½ times as long as the others) has two unnecessary plot twists (the crypt being alive, and humans not being able to live in a purified world) and an unnecessary event (the immortal/heedra illusionist). The journey back from death in vol.6 is also too long-winded. And Kushana's story is also kinda meh after her army is lost off-page. Asbel and Ketcha I didn't really care for to begin with. Selm was rather deus-ex-machina, appearing and disappearing without any backstory. The resolution at the end was just a small textbox. After such a long story I'd like to see more of what happened afterwards, especially regarding Nausicaä herself.
All in all, definitely worth reading if you like the movie, with a really interesting and complex world, and good art, but not without flaws.
Ohisama Egao (manga by Kozue Amano) Straight romance ×4. I read this because Amano, but aside from some aspects of the character designs it's not really like Aria at all.
PositioN (manga) Good Another short manga by Ashinano of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. This one has an ordinary setting, but with some little magical things happening. None of it is elaborated on, just left mysterious.
Roman Club (manga) Decent Paranormal investigation club. I read this because Amano. Apart from one character's design looking like Aria's Woody, it's not like that manga at all. It's also short, only two chapters.
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (manga) Excellent Such feels.. Many questions. But, wow.
And I don't mean that in a silly way. It really is an awesomely special manga. Bittersweet at times, often just sweet and relaxing. It leaves many questions unanswered, but it's still one of the best iyashikei stories ever.
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