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Basara (manga) Decent An epic story told in the time of a post-apocalyptic Japan. It's grand storytelling for a shoujo, and features a wrenching romance caught in the maelstrom of the fated Basara's fight for freedom. The artwork takes a little getting used to, but the story makes up for where the art is lacking.
Binetsu Shōjo (manga) Good An earlier work by mangaka Kaho Miyasaka. Something of your regular run of the mill shoujo, but still a fun read.
Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru (manga) Decent Another series that might forever remain in the Read Some list unless another Scanlation Group picks up this project.
Captive Hearts (manga) Good
Cherry Juice (manga) Good
(La) Corda d'Oro (manga) Good
Finder (manga)
Forbidden Dance (manga)
Godchild (manga)
Himitsu no Ai-chan (manga)
Honey & Honey Drops (manga) So-so Nice girl meets bad boy and she somehow ends up being his slave. Nothing new about this story, art is so-so. Does contain some smut in the mixture.
Honey and Clover (manga)
Kodocha - Sana's Stage (manga) Good A wacky, zany, romantic comedy that centers on the young idol Sana and her relationship with Hayama. Along the way to finding love, she must also come to terms with the secrets of her past.
NANA (manga) Masterpiece It's not surprising that this manga was a craze in Japan. Sure, it's really melodramatic at times, but it's a compelling story that tugs at your heart strings. Wonderfully drawn and wonderfully told.
Nodame Cantabile (manga) Very good
Sand Chronicles (manga) Very good
Seiten Taisei (manga)
(The) Story of Saiunkoku (manga) Decent
Tenshi Nanka ja Nai (manga) Good Other than the cute retro stye look that Ai Yazawa has infused in this manga, there's nothing really new about this story. One of Ai Yazawa's earlier work, it definitely deserves a look.
Ultimate Venus (manga)
Yurara (manga) Decent

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Aishiteruze Baby (manga) Good A cute story about how a young playboy named Kippei must look after his adorable, and recently abandoned cousin. Something of a lackluster ending, but the art is decent.
Angel Sanctuary (manga) Excellent
Basilisk (manga) Very good
Beauty is the Beast (manga) Good Here's a story that had potential written all over it. We get some pretty nice chapters dedicated to the secondary characters who somehow fall to the wayside towards the end. Sadly, this manga also suffers from abruptitis. It felt like the mangaka was building something with this story but rushed it at the end. Lots of loose ends as well. Drawing is clean.
Beauty Pop (manga) Good
Bitter Virgin (manga) Decent
Boys Over Flowers (manga)
Brother (manga, Yuzuha Ougi)
Ceres: Celestial Legend (manga) Excellent One of Yuu Watase's darker and more serious works. Some good intrigues but yet another annoying female lead. Nonetheless, it's definitely one of her better works.
(The) Devil Does Exist (manga) Good
Emma (manga) Very good Well-written romance that never gets too heavy-handed with the drama. The 19th century English setting is a refreshing change of pace.
Hana-Kimi (manga) Excellent A classic gender bender that revolves around the likeable Mizuke who attends an all boys school in order to get close to her hero, Sano. Great story but definitely starts to drag towards the latter volumes. The art is nice and cute. Main complaint revolves around the abrupt and rushed ending.
Happy Hustle High (manga) Not really good A prototypical shojo storyline with plenty of bishonen to go around. Sadly, good-looking guys doesn't make this series any better. Lack of character development and cliche story writing only rates this as decent.
High School Debut (manga) Very good A light and fun read, Koukou Debut puts to use the phrase "opposites attract." With the very energetic, optimistic, tomboy Haruna leading the way, we can't help but understand why the handsome, blunt-speaking Yoh falls in love. Somehow, the story never seems to get old as long as those two are leading the way.
Honey Darling (manga Norikazu Akira)
Hot Gimmick (manga) Good Hatsumi is a spineless jelly heroine that beats all of those doormat female leads out there. Nice art, but no dice on the ridiculous relationship that occurs in this manga.
Imadoki! Nowadays (manga) Decent Another by the book shoujo by Yuu Watase. Unlike most of her more popular works, Imadoki doesn't contain any type of supernatural element. Unfortunately, that makes the work all the more boring and cliche.
Kare First Love (manga) Very good A sweet and romantic story about how the nerdy girl falls in love with the perfect guy.
Koikaze (manga) Excellent A tender and mature seinen title that touches on the taboo of incest. Even more, we get a glimpse of two different people in different stages of their lives and how they come to terms with their own true feelings.
Last Quarter (manga) Very good A supernatural romance penned by Ai Yazawa. Tight writing and wonderful artistry once more from Ai Yazawa.
Marmalade Boy (manga) Very good
Mars (manga) Excellent A shoujo that explores the serious issues of depression, death, and the trauma of sexual abuse. The two main characters are complete opposites that somehow find love amidst their own inner torment.
MeruPuri - The Marchen Prince (manga) Good
Oujisama no Kanojo (manga) Decent
Ouran High School Host Club (manga) Masterpiece A comedic masterpiece. Haruhi's deadpan remarks mixed with the wackiness of the Host Club makes for an excellent read.
Paradise Kiss (manga) Masterpiece Ai Yazawa is probably the only mangaka who I believe has broken a lot of the rules for the typical shoujo and manages to makes it work. Much like the female heroine, Yukari/Caroline, we are drawn to the passionate fashion world of George and his fellow friends.
Skip Beat! (manga) Excellent
Snow Drop (manhwa) Very good Kudos to the artist for boldly integrating a gay relationship and for the unconventional heroine. Too bad that the drama gets very heavy-handed at times, almost excruciatingly so. Still, it's a pretty good read and has some nice laughs. Art is decent.
Tenshi Ja Nai!! (manga, T. Shigematsu) Good A sweet, gender bender with an added twist - this time it's the guy who does the dressing up. A cute story about how the shy Takayabashi and the tough Izumi-kun fall in love through the various obstacles they encounter.
Tokyo Crazy Paradise (manga) Excellent When the murder of Tsukasa's parents leave both her and her brothers homeless, Tsukasa has no one to turn to but the yakuza? A cross-dressing shoujo that takes place in the future, TCP, is a mix of comedy and drama. Nakamura never fails to entertain in any of her works and she hardly falls short here.
Wanted (manga) Decent

Will not finish Rating Comment
Doubt!! (manga by K. Izumi) Weak I should have known that reading past Volume 1 was a waste of my time. Lead girl isn't vanilla, but she's vain glory to the point of annoyance.
Fruits Basket (manga) Good At this moment, I really have no interest in completing this series despite the rave reviews (at which I wonder at). The drawing isn't the best and the story is very slow. I'm just not in the mood to read a 20+ series that I'm not too crazy about.
Fushigi Yûgi (manga) Good The story is filled with cliches out of Shoujo 101 and though the humor is great and some of the characters interesting, it's the lead heroine that is my main turnoff. I couldn't stomach reading about 7 more volumes of her annoying idiocy.
Kare Kano (manga) Too lazy to expend my time reading a 20+ volume series when the story seems to be as formulaic as you can get. I would have read more if I thought the art was a excellent.
Parfait Tic! (manga)
Tail of the Moon (manga) Nothing different here about this shoujo except that it takes place in another era. Art is nice, but the story isn't engaging. Read through Volume 4.
Vampire Knight (manga) Very good
(The) Wallflower (manga) Good Although Sunako's unusual habits and personality makes this a popular read, the art is probably the biggest flaw. Backgrounds are hardly there, and even when they are, it provides scarce little improvement to the scene. The adventures get a bit tiresome after Volume 10 when you're left wondering where the whole story is going. Read through Volume 14.