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An Innocent Relationship (manga) Excellent Harem Hentai with a romance plus a touch of drama. Beautiful and cute girls everywhere! This series manage to have the main guy bang every girls in his path and still able to keep the main girl going, GENIUS! There is some drama but not too serious. All sex are straight, and there is no rape. All girl are slut.
Anne Freaks (manga) Decent Cute Girl plus interesting plot at first. Killing people like ants, the ending really a drag. Never ending grude in revenge.
Atashi wa Bambi (manga) So-so I guess this is what you call modern dating. The story kinda remind you that there're still many guy and girls out there waiting for you to meet. Not just that cool guy or that sexy girl. Look around and you'll see somemore.
B-Shock! (manga) Decent Plot quickly grab your attention. Funny eye popping, random story, hilarious comedy. Tho stay off track once in a while quickly came back to couple love story. End short, like they want to trash everything and end it in a hurry. Ending made the whole thing (B-Shock/romance/char) worthless.
Battle Angel Alita (manga) Masterpiece Kick ASS Manga. Alita is the best action female character. The story is long but also give Alita enough history to have good & sad memories. Lot of twist to keep your jaw drop once in a while. Best drama + action manga ever.
Brothers (manga, Shou Tajima) Not really good The idea is pretty old but it still ok to read. You can predictable most of the stuff the brothers going to do. No serious romance. Short, normal, your everyday incest.
Change 123 (manga) So-so Gacha Gacha with mix martial arts. The story try to explore into epic battle around the world, but it's not really interesting. Ecchi part is ok but dull after a while, maybe because there is no pervert girl. Spliting characters are also didn't have enough unique characteristic for each character. Overall, it lacks exploding character, and the setting about all the Japanese martial arts aren't that great. Where is my bad-ass sexy and pervert girl.
Devil & Devil (manga) Decent DECENT. It start out very good and the ideal of heaven and hell fit in with characters very well. Cutes girls really cute and also have some action too. God and Satan make sense in a way. Story is perfect, no hole. Only thing is... they couldn't end the series, so they just let it go on forever.
Franken Fran (manga) Good This is beyond sick, it will give you nightmare, guarantee! Fran is a sicko that think she is helping people but actually have no clue on human, but that what make she interesting. Fran is pure, so pure that she could destroy humanity. The gore and grotesque arts overwhelm the story and twist ending is just plain horrible. There are so many wrong things in this manga. Don't be fool by ecchi cover art, it's ain't for sane person to enjoy. However, for some reason, it's addictive in some weird ways to see train wreck chap after chap.
Gacha Gacha (manga) Excellent Ecchi love comedy. Diff kind of girls that would tease your cock all day long. First transform is understandable but later form are ridiculous. Pretty good love story, interesting way to use diff form. Exciting with every new girl, personality and jealous over themselves. Amazing drawing!! Girls look great, sexy as hell. Thou some of them have the same kind of faces.
Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution (manga) Not really good Spin off original Gacha Gacha. More ridiculous transform. Main guy is scum of the earth, annoying as hell, pathetic moron, pervert, brain full of stupid plans to get girls. More girls this times instead of many girl in 1. Try to give many fan service as possible. Girls are so KAWAIiii~~ and sexy still. No plot. No story. No ending. Wasted good ink for nothing.
Hana-Kimi (manga) Excellent A Good long run Romance. Basice idea: Girl living in the all school dorm. The series take us to everyday high school life and more. Everything are great even the ending. Nice Collectable series.
Happy Hustle High (manga) Decent Typical shoujo with a slice diff type of main couple, not so angst, slice of high school days. Main girl got crazy hair as her personality, thought & do funny stuff, main bishi see girls as real chicks. Some interesting childhood days. Reverse harem, no ecchi.
(The) Hating Girl (manga) Excellent Really funny manga. Short chap but connected. 2 main character are always misinterpret each other. A lot of good saying being dialog from both Yamada and Asumi, usually about to never give up in life. Romance & sexual behavior appear from time to time mostly appears as jokes between sex. Arrow story is believable, nice touch on the ending.
I''s (manga) Good Seto is very irritating character to read, his thought always indecisive, opposite of his action. Wasted 10 vol. trying to hook up, which if he did, he would have wonderful times throughout HS. Author throw girls after girls at Seto as his disposal, so it would prolong the happiness of Seto and Iori. Great dynamic ending. Amazing artwork esp on girls' faces. Same characters as Video Girls Ai, same plot, even their personalities are the same.
Imadoki! Nowadays (manga) Good Cliche` sappy school manga. Main girl have the ability that can make anyone to be her friend and change they attitude. Once they can't end romance part very well and end up kinda left out. [Extra chap about main char's childhood friend is nice story too]
Kagome-Kagome (manga by Toshiki Yui) Decent 2 girls 1 guy + ghost. Ok you begining to get the picture right? heck no. Really I think it a little of harem with detective plus a touch of horror artwork. It more like a romance comedy than just horror manga. Well it is romance genre. Anyway, read it.
KaNa (manga) So-so Kana is cute, fox is hilarious, Yuuji is still like other average 'person-who-got-hidden-power' like in other story. Art is nice. Explain a lot of demons realm and history of japan. Many character connect with bloodline and their hidden secrets info. The end and side character are really weak.
Kimishika Iranai (manga) So-so Another short shoujo manga. Every shoujo manga always teach you atleast one thing and this time is having the power to make dicisive choice. The plot jump around making you wonder is this girl a slut or what. Atleast it a fun ride, her sister is funny too and both of them end up having a good relationship. Good manga.
Land of the Blindfolded (manga) Very good Power to see future and past really surpise me and they using that for saving people! What a nice touching people. Everyone are good guy here and they have such a strong will. REALLY touching(tear pouring) romance manga, since the ending is cut-short but I still love it with all my heart. SupernaturePOWER RULEZ!
Lilim Kiss (manga) Good Verywell draw with sexy pose and cute girls. Romance between Lilim and human guy really great. Lot of ecchi. Fun Fun Fun manga. Touching and fun ending.
Majin -Devil- (manga) So-so Story about human DNA were cool and all but I was looking forward to see more char development than human cell evulotion theory. I love their drawing. Very detail cute girls.
Midori's Days (manga) Good Funny story with a heart warming char all around. Not much of romance but still get by with all the joke and little Midori-chan cuteness. Each Chapter is short, but that doesn't mean they doesn't connect. The ending is great, every character end well with all their relationship.
Mint na Bokura (manga) Decent Reverse plot with Hana Kimi. Boy cross dress as a girl living in the girl dorm room. But this time is emphasis on both and girl. Her sister romance bouching around but his love only for one girl only. You can call that bitch a slut but fate made her go through all of that to get enough experiance to have a soild relationship with guy. Really nice manga. It's always fun to guy dressing as girl and make up lier and live as 2 or 3 people. Not a crazy go around manga, but certainly have my full attention the whole time.
Muchakucha Daisuki. (manga) Very good Super Cheesy Cliche` Shoujo. It was the perfect romance of them all in high school. The ending is perfect too, a little sad ending making everyone cried at the end.
Nozoki Ana (manga) Very good Don't be mistaken, this is a hentai first and foremost and a romance story second. While the sex is not always in full blown session, they were constant and provocative. The sex is godly for erotic and ecchi ways. Especially the art are really good, the 'want cock' faces, the poker face, and curves body lines. The series go for everything, rape, cheating, love polygon, yuri, even unrequited love. Sometime the plot are too ridiculous but they're thrilling so many plot twists you didn't see it coming. Emiru always stave for sex, she's a machine, no doubt, and that's what make her standout out of other hentai series. I'd say the guy lead is dumb as usual but that's normal for hentai. At the end of the day, it's Emiru's show and she can do whatever she wanna do.
Okitsune-sama de Chu (manga) Weak Whooosss That the sound of clothes got ripp off so many times in one page. Start off with generic story, avg art, char, gender bender, plot, except naked bodies are shown every chap! Yes that right, even author admit how every char clothes dissapear for no reason. So much ecchi, even nipples start to lose valve. So many new char u won't remember, parody, not funny thou.
Oretama (manga) Decent It's pretty much a hentai manga with monster of the week. By MotW, I mean you will get a different myth creature in a form of girl that will try to make story a little more interesting. However, the author know MotW is boring so he cut it short and decide to stick with main heroine, Elyse. With that said, the loli, Elyse is really tsundere and horny. If you like loli and hentai, and dirty jokes, you are sure to like this, just don't expect anything else tho.
Parallel (manga) Very good Main Couple(that live together) is really cliche`, only other char poping around him are strang with funny and weird personility. Since it's an ecchi and art is nice, I love it. A little bit short on the ending I think.
Peach Girl: Sae's Story (manga) Decent Continue from Peach Girl story; Sae is a main char now. Sae still do mishap, messing other love, but she trying to find her real soulmate now, still dreamy of that perfect guy. Saru is hilarious, comedic yet understanding Sae feeling and be a hero for her XD Story cut off with a big friendly touching ending, didn't explain about the dog or how will she deal with Saru.
Phantom Thief Jeanne (manga) Excellent The series is the ultimate for theif + romance theme. No other manga/anime have come to close to this(D.N. Angel almost). One after another problem come up after one got answer, no lagging, no crapy chap, and it got the most ultimate ending I've ever read.
Pita-Ten (manga) Good Loli characters with sometime beautiful artwork. Angel & Demon stories fit in the timeline well and present at the right moment. Ending might be a little bit too sad but it keep the realism in the world. I wish I could see silly angel and such a cute demon too!
Pretty Face (manga) Good Another gender bender plus ecchiness. I never get tire of this and I truely enjoy something like this. Art was drawned well, girls are cute, and even they end a bit early but it was a happy emotional ending.
Psychic Academy (manga) Decent Supernature power + School Romance. Couldn't ask for a better genes. Too bad the ending was cut off before the big great cataclysm.
S+M (manga) Not really good *NOseBleed* This one might a little too nude for some people. It take romance a step higher than usual shoujo manga. It's pretty much end up asking the girl: "Who can I be able to have sex with" And of course at the end you'll a little sex scene. S-E-X
Space Adventure Cobra (manga) Decent Good action plus a great sexy artwork. Load of nudity and massive shooting. English translate sure is funny as hell. Cobra also a cool char with a sense of humor. Like everything except it could be longer and I want to know who is the lady in the suit.
Togari (manga) Decent Really great manga. All the character have past connection with each other. It's really cool how the evil guy turns back to human again. Cool Girl. Good moral story about human and hell or otherworls. Only problem is they left the end open widely. Or should I say it doesn't have ending at all.
Video Girl Ai (manga) Decent Manga's story go beyond the anime ova. Many new random chars. were introduce. They trying their best to deal with all the char. But the flow doesn't seem good, it was like they think thing up day by day and not plan for the whole story. Touji is really a bastard. The ending is fan-base(Ai-won) Last 2 side story chap. we saw Touji but not Ai that's really a dissapointment.

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Salad Days (manga) Various romance story about highschool girls. Each chap. got their own story and after I read 2 chaps. I notced that's not connect(only thing that connect is that new char is in the same school as the old char) so I stopped.