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by Justin Sevakis,


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April 4, 2012 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director - Takaomi Kanasaki
    (School Rumble 2nd Semester, Macademy Wasshoi)
Series Composition - Makoto Uezu
    (Katanagatari, Tentai Senshi Sunred)
Character Design - Shinobu Tagashira
    (Da Capo)
Animation Production
Studio DEEN


Who expects a cross-dressing protagonist? Or the “Eu Delusion System” where the heroine's voice actor changes? Or candid commercials causing controversy? Or anything else in the chaotic developments of this does-as-it-pleases-with-reckless-abandon show?

And now, after doing surprisingly well and gaining fame, “Is This a Zombie?” is transforming into a High School Love Comedy with 250% more love! Director Takaomi Kanasaki, Series Composition Makoto Uezu, Script Writers Shigeru Morita & Machida Touko, and more of the main staff from the first season return to the plate!


The protagonist, Ayumu Aikawa, was turned into a zombie by the Necromancer Eu and a “Magically Dressed Girl” by the talented girl, Haruna, but lately he's been living a peaceful life. However, destiny would not allow his repose to continue. In addition to beautiful heroines such as the vampire Sera, his academy wife Tomonori, the net idol Saras, and the honor student Takeko Hiramatsu, a mysterious fairy appears at the academy, bringing new disturbances to his life.


Ayumu Aikawa
VA: Junji Majima
Ayumu is an academy student, who seems to be a zombie for some reason. Since his parents are both traveling abroad and he always lived off of convenience store bento, he's known as a convenience store maniac. He also hides the dark past of winning first place for "We don't know what this person is thinking" in a class survey.
VA: Iori Nomizu
A "Magically Dressed Girl" (not a magical girl) who fell from the sky, and came to live with Ayumu. She has come from the magical dimension, Varie, to fight monsters called Megalo. She's a tsundere. Her charm point is a cowlick that bobs up and down. She transforms using her chainsaw (The Magic Armament Misteltein). She calls herself a genius, but she can't remember people's names correctly. She's a really good cook.
Eu (Euclid Hellscythe)
VA: Midori Tsukimiya
Her true name is Euclid Hellscythe, but Ayumu just calls her Eu or Yuu. She also wound up living with Ayumu.She's always seen in plate armor and gauntlets which she never removes. She never lets her emotions show, and never speaks, using her memo pad to communicate through writing. Her written messages are minimal, but Ayumu expands on them with his delusions.
Sera (Seraphim)
VA: Yoko Hikasa
Her real name is Seraphim. She hails from a village of vampire ninja (vampires with ninja fighting skills) somewhere in Japan. She can turn leaves into blades, and her her signature move is the deadly “Swallow Cut”. Her special skill is “Swallow Cut”. Her hobby is also “Swallow Cut”. She covers the black-haired ponytail department. And big breasts. And wicked tongue. She often calls Ayumu “disgusting”(←One of her good points.) If you let her cook, she'll create a murder weapon.
Tomonori (Yuki Yoshida)
VA: Kanemoto Hisako
Her real name is Yuki Yoshida, but she's called Tomonori because she acts like a boy and wears shorts even in Winter. She's a healthy, outdoor girl in the track and field club. She's a vampire like Sera, and although she's become Ayumu's “wife” due to their laws, they're just friends.
VA: Aya Goda
Saras is the vampire Sera serves directly under. She always acts superior. Her personality is strict and mature, but she's also a net idol as well. She posses the power to turn water into a blade, and her strength overpowers even Sera.
VA: Hitomi Nabatame
She is a mysterious person who Ayumu met in school science lab. Her personality is cheerful but she has a habit of appearing and disappearing all of a sudden as if she is a ghost. Despite of her ringlet curls and Lolita white attire, she is a sucker for cheesy jokes.
Taeko Hiramatsu
VA: Rie Yamaguchi
She's Ayumu's classmate and an honor student who holds the top grades in their year. She's an introverted girl who's not very good at talking to other people. Her specialty is reciting poems, and reading is her hobby. She hates ghosts, horror movies, and especially zombies.


Ayumu Aikawa
Junji Majima
Iori Nomizu
Eu (Eucliwood Hellscythe)
Midori Tsukimiya
Sera (Seraphim)
Yoko Hikasa
Kanemoto Hisako
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Ai Shimizu
Noriko Shitaya
Taeko Hiramatsu
Rie Yamaguchi
Kanami Mihara
Aya Goda


Original Creator
Shinichi Kimura
Original Illustrations
Kobuichi & Muririn
(Dragon Fantasy Publishing/Fantasy Bunko Publishing)
Takaomi Kanasaki
Series Composition
Makoto Uezu
Shigeru Morita
Machida Touko
Kamen P Mask d' Zombie
Character Design
Shinobu Tagashira
Prop Design
Etsunobu Iwanaga
Set Design
Tomoyuki Aoki
Chief Animation Director
Yuuko Yahiro
Hirofumi Morimoto
Art Director
Kei Ichikura
Color Design
Eiko Kitazume
Director of Photography
Masayuki Kawaguchi
Masahiro Matsumura
Animation Production
Studio DEEN
Music Production
Flying Dog
Shinji Kakijima
Music Production
Keiichi Nozaki

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