Anime Spotlight: MEDAKA BOX

by Justin Sevakis,

April 2012 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Co-creator - NisiOisiN
    (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Katanagatari)
Director - Shoji Saeki
    (Mahoromatic specials, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, He Is My Master)
Animation Production


We'll accept consultation from anyone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!!


The beautiful and invincible student council president, Medaka Kurokami, is solving problems!

The 98th Student Council President at Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka Kurokami of Class 1-13, established a complaints box just as she promised during her election campaign. “Your dreams belong to you. Challenge them yourselves, and realize them on your own. However, your troubles belong to me. Offer up every last one unto me!!”

Together with her childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Medaka resolves every complaint filed by the students. The complaint box soon became known as “Medaka Box”, and became very popular among the students.


Medaka Kurokami
VA: Aki Toyosaki
Class 1-13
Student Council President
Special Skills: Showing Her Worth 1-4, warding off animals
Blood Type: AB

A freshman at Hakoniwa Academy who is also Student Council President. In the election she won 98% of the vote. She possesses extraordinary ability in all of her studies and sports, and seems too perfect to be human. She established the “complaint box” as promised in her campaign, and accepts requests and consultations from the academy students 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
VA: Yuki Ono
Class 1-1, Student Council General Affairs Officer
Dominant Hand: Left
Blood Type: AB
Sign: Leo
Special Skills: Feelings for Medaka, Savate

He's been childhood friends with Medaka Kurokami since they were two. He's a normal student in Class 1-1, but he's always believed in Medaka's righteousness, and holds great affection and trust towards her. He's often unsociable, but the truth is that he works hard to be like Medaka.

Hansode Shiranui
VA: Emiri Kato
Class 1-1

Blood Type: AB
Vision: 20/14 in both eyes
Special Skills: Only friends when it's convenient, big eater, being Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's friend.

She posses both a scheming nature and a wicked tongue to go with her young appearance, and is characterized for innocently making a fool of others. Though she's an extremely small moe character, she's always eating something.

Kouki Akune
VA: Daisuke Namikawa
Class 2-11, Judo Club
Blood Type: AB
Special Skills: Fighting ability, judo 2nd Dan, pretty handwriting

Because of his handsome looks, there's no one in the school's second grade who doesn't know of the “Prince of Judo”.

Mogana Kikaijima
VA: Ai Kayano
Class 1-11, Competitive Swimming Team, Main Team
Blood Type: AB
Special Skills: Athleticism, first-class bookkeeping


Medaka Kurokami
Aki Toyosaki
Zenkichi Hitoyoshi
Yuki Ono
Hansode Shiranui
Emiri Kato
Kouki Akune
Daisuke Namikawa
Mogana Kikaijima
Ai Kayano


Original Creators
Akira Akatsuki
(Shueisha “Weekly Shounen Jump” Publishing)
Shoji Saeki
Character Design
Ikuo Kuwana
Chief Animation Director
Sumie Kinoshita
Chief Storyboard Artist
Hiroki Shinagawa
Color Design
Harumi Takahoshi
Art Director
Sachie Abe
Director of Photography
Yasuhiro Akamatsu
Film Editor
Daisuke Hiraki
Sound Director
Jun Watanabe
Tatsuya Katou
Opening Theme
“Happy Crazy Box”
by Minami Kuribayashi
Ending Theme
“Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette”
by Medaka Kurokami (Aki Toyosaki)
Music Production
Animation Production
Hakoniwa Academy Student Council

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