Anime Spotlight: Binbogami ga!

by Justin Sevakis,

July 4, 2012 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director - Yoichi Fujita
Series Composition - Kento Shimoyama
Animation Production


Super Lucky Girl VS Energy-draining God of Poverty


Ichiko is a super lucky girl, blessed with both talent and beauty, but also domineering and selfish, while Momiji is a draining god of poverty who has possessed Ichiko. For better or worse, these two met each other! Will Ichiko, a lone high-school girl who doesn't believe in love or friendship, ever be able to find true happiness throughout her many encounters?


Ichiko Sakura
VA: Kana Hanazawa
Ichiko is a super lucky girl who actually possesses an attractive figure, bright mind, and perfect health. She's never had to work hard for anything, and she's a self-centered egoist, but she's also a bit of a lonely person.

VA: Yumi Uchiyama
Momiji is a god of poverty who posses Ichiko in order to preserve the balance between fortune and misfortune. Her flat chest also troubles her. She makes use of various poverty tools in order to steal energy from Ichiko, but all the expenses come from her own pocket.
Kenta Tsuwabuki
VA: Kouki Uchiyama
Ichiko's classmate. Keita is the main provider for a family of four siblings in his parents' absence. He works many part-time jobs.

Ranmaru Rindo
VA: Haruka Tomatsu
A girl who transferred into Ichiko's class. She's a manly woman and a hot-blooded, stalwart karate girl.

Momoo Inugami
VA: Hiro Shimono
Momoo is a dog god summoned by Momiji. He's very masochistic and capable of transforming into a chihuahua.

VA: Yoshihisa Kawahara
Bobby is a monk traveling to exorcise evil spirits. Although he can sense the supernatural, he's also quite a pervert.


Ichiko Sakura
Kana Hanazawa
Yumi Uchiyama
Keita Tsuwabuki
Kouki Uchiyama
Ranmaru Rindo
Haruka Tomatsu
Momoo Inugami
Hiro Shimono
Yoshihisa Kawahara


Original Creator
Yoshiaki Sukeno (Shueisha “Jump SQ” Publishing)
Yoichi Fujita
Series Composition
Kento Shimoyama
Chief Director
Tomoyuki Kawamura
Character Design & Chief Animation Director
Kenji Tanabe
Prop Design
Yukie Suzuki
Main Animator
Tetsuya Ishikawa, Satoshi Nishimura
Art Director
Yukihiro Shibutani
Color Design
Akiko Shibata
Director of Photography
Nobumasa Hanai, Souta Ooya
Emi Onodera
Masashi Hamauzu
Sound Director
Katsuyoshi Kobayashi
Animation Production
Opening Theme
Piko “Make My Day!”
Ending Theme
HAPPY BIRTHDAY “Koi Boudou” (Love Riot)

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